Advice & Your Experience with Apple Watch 4

I just ordered a new Stainless Steel Apple Watch 4 44mm with the Milanese Loop band after receiving a nice speaking honorarium. While waiting for it to arrive, I have a few quick questions for you who have the series 4 and/or have a series 3 or 4 with cellular.

  1. For those with a series 4, have you settled on your favorite watch face yet? If so, which one (and post a picture) and why?
  2. For those with a S3 or S4 and have added cellular, do you find the added cost for data worth it?
  3. For those who have a Milanese Loop band, do you find that it scratches your MB when resting your wrist on it while typing? This is my only concern about the band.
  4. Any other great things you have discovered about the S4?

In addtional to being blessed to be able to purchase the watch, I will be able to give my stainless S2 to my new son-in-law who is not in a position just yet to spend a lot of money on an Apple Watch. Because I’m OCD with my stuff, my S2 is litterally in mint condition. It is fun to be able to bless others. :slight_smile:

The new heart rate sensor is fantastic. I can now workout without using a Polar chest strap and get a line graph rather than the scatter plot produced by the S3.

Battery life is no better and the watch doesn’t seem (to me) much more responsive than the S3. I’m disappointed that the electrocardiograph doesn’t work in uk.

I’m liking the infograph modular face but I change faces frequently.

Yes. I make and receive a lot of calls, and this is very convenient. Not essential, just convenient.

I bought a Milanese band for my Watch 3 and it was a big waste of money. It’s an annoyance while typing, scratches as you suspected, and is a PITA to adjust. I later bought a leather band. Doesn’t wear well. So I decided I’d had enough of Apple brand brands and have been very satisfied with the low-cost sport bands from third parties on Amazon. They wear well. I bought a several colors and it’s easy to switch them out.

I’m really loving my S4. Using the Infograph face.

Loving my Series 4 (came from a 2)! I use the Infograph analog face and it works great for me. I do have cellular enabled and like knowing I’m in reach while I run. But don’t forget if you don’t have a data plan the watch can still call 911.

I have the Milanese loop and think it’s the best band/bracelet they have! It can scratch a MB but I’m used to that with mechanical watches. It’s infinitely adjustable making it the most comfortable for me.


I’m using a GPS Series 4 after having an LTE Series 3. Even being pretty active, I just didn’t use the LTE very often at all. So far, I haven’t been in a situation where I regret the change.

Using the Infograph Modular face. I find the other new one too busy for my tastes.