After FaceID direct to apps

I have an iPhone 11 Pro and use FaceID.
Now I always see the page where I have to swipe to the to top to see the first page with apps.
I remember that it is possible to jump direct to the app page after a positive FaceID recognition.
For me it a step too much …
Or was it just a dream I had?!

I think you always have to swipe up to reach the home screen.

FaceID simply unlocks your phone, it doesn’t dismiss the lock screen.

Hmm, really?! Does it make sense?
I remember now: It was with TouchID. Here I can change the settings that the iPhone “opens” (jumps direct to the apps). I thought there is the same with FaceID.

I’m not clear what you’re asking - when you unlock an iPhone it takes you to the springboard which shows the apps. I don’t know what TouchID setting you’re referring to.

If you want to jump into a specific app from the lockscreen you can do it if the there is a notification pending: tap it, let FaceID recognize you and unlock, and it takes you into the app.

I remember the home button setting (it was an accessibility setting to not require a click to go to the home screen, just touching the button for the fingerprint read.) There is no Face ID equivalent, sorry.

Yes, not easy to describe.
TouchID: Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Home-Button (?). At the end of the settings page for the Home button I can set “To open place finger” (?). I use iOS 13.
I use the German iOS so I am not sure about the correct translations.

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Too bad. I wonder why there is none.
Thank you, @cornchip!

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