After Mojave, iMac Will not Sleep or Screenaver! Ideas why?

After upgrading to Mojave, my iMac never turns off. I have done everything I can, but it just stays on. Not even the screensaver comes on. Settings attached. Any ideas?

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First I assume you shutdown the iMac and restarted it. Next I would reset the SMC to see if that will fix the problem. If you still have issues a PRAM reset may help Let us know if this helps.

Have you tried to adjust the sleep schedule? Mine was doing this too until I dropped the schedule down to 2 min for a day. Once I did that then it worked as expected and I was able to bump it back up again.

Do you have anything attached to it? Like a thumb drive or thunderbolt attachment, even another monitor… ?

I will try this, thanks!

@Barry Thanks for the response! I will try this if adjusting the settings a couple times still doesn’t work.