Agenda, the "new" note taking software

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Thanks. I have this running, I was thinking you were referring to something else. However, your reply prompted me to review the sorter preferences. When I did I noticed something I’d missed–creating a hotkey to copy selected text directly into DT. This will be a great tool–so thanks for replying, much appreciated!



I use a PopClip extension for copying selected text into DT. My brain is full up on keyboard shortcuts.

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I also hate subscriptions, but isn’t Agenda’s business model different?
You pay once to unlock premium features, and any few premium features for the next 12 months. Then, if you don’t want to pay anymore, you’ll keep access to the app and all the premium features you’ve already gotten, and continue to receive app updates.
That’s different from the other subscriptions of, “stop paying us and you’ll lose access to the app and all your data”…?

Edited: Included link to dev’s article about their pricing model


How does Agenda compare to Day One? Both seem to be in the same broad category of “attaching content to points in time”. Anyone who has used both have any insights?

DayOne allows you embed images, and links to YouTube auto create a video preview in your post.

Day One also allows for more formats and also auto fill information such as the weather, scribble your music, your steps. It’s a journaling app.

Agenda is more of a note taking app. It can create checklists and you can create notes linked to specific events in your calendar.

As of today, I moved all my Agenda notes out of Agenda and into Ulysses. It’s not that there was anything wrong with Agenda, but automation is really important to me and Agenda is very much a “tap multiple menus just to create a note”, with no support for even URL-callback in the horizon.
I’ll keep my eye on it (since I paid for it anyway), but for now I’ll use Ulysses to keep my work notes.

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DayOne and Agenda are similar only in that you can attach notes to calendar dates. But DayOne’s “calendar” is really just an index to the notes captive inside DayOne – the DayOne calendar has nothing to do with your iCloud or Google calendars.

Also, agenda organizes notes into categories and projects. You can do that with journals and tags in DayOne, I suppose. Agenda also supports tagging and person/resource assignment to notes – and can search on those attributes (including saved searched).

Generally, Agenda is more purpose-built and DayOne is more of a blank slate.

I think for now it appears the Agenda team is committed to enhancement. Although, since the Agenda iOS app was released it seems to be sucking the air of out of the room in terms of developer time – not an uncommon scenario. Sometimes the effort to support two platforms is more than 200% of the effort to support a single platform. There was a bug fix release (2.3) on macOS on 7/14 – with only one very minor new feature: supporting the TouchBar. Very minor.

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