Aghhh... not again, what is it about Lightning cables?

Average lifespan of a Lightning cable is about 2.5 weeks in this house. My kid (20 months) compulsively seeks them out and chews the finish off of the contact points, destroying the cable in the process. Her older sister did the same thing for almost 2 years. Anyone else have this problem? What is it about Lightning cables that is so irresistible to toddlers?! Is it just my kids??

I’m thinking maybe the saliva coating makes for a bad connection and leads to the corrosion and failure you see. It would be hard to a toddler (or any human) to chew off gold plating.

Maybe storing them out of reach is the solution.


I’ve had several cables show similar wear. I haven’t seen my kids (3 and 1) chewing on them, but I would rule it out.

My kids 6 and 2.5 have never chewed cables that I know of, but the younger one is currently obsessed with hiding my AirPods Pro in obscure drawers around the house…

At least lightning cables are reasonably cheap.

My kids keep destroying console and Apple TV controllers. Each time is at least €60, and they somehow manage to break the joysticks while playing. In the last two years, I’ve spent at least €300 on these, and two more are looking like failing.

Kids cost a small fortune in damage, for sure!

My sisters kids used to do this for like 10 years until they were all older than 15. She had to buy controllers all the time. Funny that my siblings and me never managed that. I was really surprised and still do get how that happens.

Your next kid should be USB-C…