AirDrop files from iMac to iPhone

I can no longer AirDrop files from my iMac to my iPhone or iPad. My iMac is running the latest version of Big Sur (11.2.3). Both my iPad and my iPhone are running the latest version of iOS (14.4.2). Bluetooth is on; WiFi is on. All of the devices are discoverable by everyone. When I try to AirDrop a file using the share extension or the AirDrop window in Finder, both devices show up as targets. But … when I select the target and hit “Done” nothing happens.

I’ve tried plain text files, PDFs, photos, audiobooks — nothing happens on either the iPhone or the iPad. I don’t get a notification asking me if I want to accept the file or which app I want to use to open it. If I open the relevant app on my device, nothing new is there either.

What am I missing?

A switch-off/on of both devices may be of help. Did you try it out?

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Yes. Everyone’s been re-booted more than once. I even turned the VPN off on all the devices and then back on again.

Fortunately there are other ways to move files, but there are times when AirDrop is convenient.