Airmail Guru's: Removing Label in iOS?

I created a label in Airmail called “Waiting For.” I accidentally applied the label to a message in Airmail. The label was easy to create and easy to apply but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to remove it from the message in iOS. I’ve clicked every icon, opened every menu, and long pressed most things. :slight_smile: Do any of you Airmail users know how to remove a label from a message in iOS? It is probably obvious and I’m just missing it. If so, I’ll just conclude that a little dose of humility is good for my character. :slight_smile:

From your email list, swipe right to show the list of folders that you have set up. At the bottom if the screen tap “Settings” and then “Actions”. Scroll down the actions and you will find one called “Remove Label” - tap it to enable it (will have a tick at the right end of the row). Click the < (left arrow) at the top left of the screen and then “Done”.

If you now read the email that you want to update, click the ellipses at the top right of the message, you will see the “Remove Label” option. Click the option and select the label you wish to remove.

Hope this makes sense!

That worked perfectly! I did not have remove the label activated as an option. Thank you, I owe you! :slight_smile:

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