Airmail testing update?


Can you share an update on your recent experiences trying Airmail again please?



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You might want to put @macsparky in your post so he’ll see a notification for it.

Thank you! New to the forums here…


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Welcome aboard, plenty of room here!

Hi Mark!

I’m going to write it up and post it at the website. There is a lot to like but it continues to have strange bugs and, frankly, in the end I need an email application that has more people working on it.

I’ve also been powering up Apple Mail. I’m going to cover that too.

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Would love to hear how the MailTags suite is working, too, if you have the beta installed.

Thanks in advance for sharing! I look forward to reading your post.


Well I am giving Airmail a send off. It is a shame that there is not a very robust email application in this day and age. Gmail works very good for my gmail accounts and Outlook has gotten much better that I use for work so I will revert back to Apple Mail.

One big problem that Airmail has is the inability to send graphics that you imbed in the message it appears ok until the recipient indicates their is a ? in place of the imbedded graphic.

Not going to try Newton after going belly up twice

IMHO the email situation is still in poor shape