Airplay 2 Device / Dongle

My music setup at my house is no longer functioning well in Catalina. The iTunes Remote app on my iOS devices no longer functions to control the new Music app. And I think my Gen 1 Airport Express devices aren’t functioning the same.

I don’t believe there is a replacement for the iTunes Remote app.

Does anyone know of an inexpensive Airplay 2 device that I could use in place of my Airport Express that would allow me to stream from the Music app to a pair of powered speakers?

Thanks much.

I don’t think there are any 3rd-party devices that do that. Gen 1 Airport Express cannot do Airplay 2, but you can easily buy Gen 2 models on eBay for $20-$80.

I have powered Presonus monitors attached to an Airport Express (I’m not on Catalina yet). Idon’t cast from iTunes/iOS but I do regularly cast from iTunes/Mac and from Apple Music (iTunes on Mac, Music app on iOS) to the speakers without any problems. (Not to mention a variety of streaming music apps on iOS, or audio casted on the Mac via AirFoil.)

That said, the era of using those monitors is coming to a close. I simply adore my HomePods, and I may pick up a 3rd one if someone comes up with a good enough Black Friday deal. (B&H has them for $275 right now, but a couple of weeks ago BestBuy briefly had a clearance sale at $200)

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