AirPods, cargo pants, getting out a little more

Guys, guys, guys: totally love you and your show. But the REI/cargo pants discussion suggests you need to get out more…possibly a little further from both those Disney properties.

Eddie Bauer: mainly clothes.
REI: not a shop; a co-op. Sells lots of clothes and also lots of gear. The place that closes on Black Friday to encourage people to go to the outdoors. A place that is lots more about climbing hardware and granola bars than it is about bullets.

Also, they make those pants which really do rock.

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Yeah. If you want pants with a special pocket for your ammo, you’d probably be better off shopping at Cabela’s.

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I about choked on my morning coffee when I heard the REI reference. I’m wearing those exact pants with the AirPod carrier in the pocket Mr Sparks referenced.

My brother from a different mother.

PS my wife and daughters hate these Dad pants.

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Or Duluth Trading. Only place I can find women’s pants that actually fit with plenty of pockets. Around the farm I need lots of pockets and not just for ammo :wink:

Carharrt used to make some really nice durable work pants for women but they discontinued the only really good ones. My last 2 pairs are getting threadbare now. Duluth is ok, not as durable but at least they fit and have pockets.

I actually have several pair of the same REI pants, but I hadn’t thought to put my AirPods in that pocket. I like the tip. I like the pants too. But again, I live in Southern California so the climate is perfect for these light pants.