AirPods microphone not working?

I’ve come to the realization that the microphone in my AirPods isnt working properly:(
Tried resetting them, assigning audio to both right and left ear only, automatically and not…
Seems one side is completely out, the other side i guess works but poorly, as ppl cant really hear me speak and Siri isn’t responding either…
Went to an Apple authorized repair shop to check and i’m out of warranty since July…
They told me in all likelihood I’d have to pay for a new pair… ouch… and i really can’t see myself being without them at this point (had them in for repair for a week or so earlier and it was tough!)

Anyone had a similar issue and managed to solve it?

You may wish to test your AirPods by using them 1 at a time.

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I had the same experience a month or so ago. The microphone on my right AirPod died. I Had to pay for a replacement because I was out of warranty. I would like to ask, is it one that you drop fairly frequently? I only ask, because the one that I had go out was the one that I use most frequently, and I do drop them occasionally, so I blame myself. But I would love to hear about someone else’s experience.

thanks! i’ll check it out

hmm… i do drop them sometimes… tough to say if i drop one more than the other.
did you have to pay to replace both? or just one airpod?

so here’s me thinking about buying a new pair. or no, and wait to see if new airpods come out soon. which will most likely be hard to get a hold of again, just like last time. and considering a backup/replacement pair of headphones in the mean time. would be the beatsx, which have terrible sound, but from a usability standpoint the next best thing to airpods…

I’m having trouble with my right AirPod doesn’t seem to be connecting. Anyone else having trouble?

Same thing with mine. I come across as super muffled whenever I use the mic. Sure enough, I tested it with voice memos and they were right. I’m probably just going to wait until V2 of the AirPods (or maybe the new case) rather than pay for the repair.

My right mic doesn’t work that well either. My wife says I sound muffled. I don’t really drop my AirPods so I don’t think that’s the issue. I shouldn’t still be under warranty. Any idea if Apple will replace it?

You are under warranty or no? If yes they will probably replace them. I actually got an extra case last year because of some mishap with shipping they had haha.

The mic on my right one has a bit distortion wich results in Siri being hit and miss… .

Sorry this took so long. I was able to replace just one AirPod. I believe it was $69. Kinda made me think about just buying a new set.

Did they say if it had been in warranty they would have replaced it for free?

They did indicate that it was not under warranty, but they did not mention the cost of a replacement under warranty. I just assumed that it would be replaced for no charge if it was, but it’s possible that they might charge I suppose.

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So something new and funny happened:

My airpods were connected to my iPhone
I connected them to my MacBook with the Toothfairy app

Now I get audio from my iPhone in my left ear
Audio from my MacBook in my right ear

Also apparently the left side microphone is the one not working. Right side seems to work. Somewhat.
update: or nah, right side doesnt seem to work either…

another update:

spoke to apple on the phone today and apparently i’ll be able to replace them at no cost since i bought them at an apple store. i’ll see how that goes when i have my genius bar appointment next week.

So what happened after you went to the Apple store?

Sorry I completed missed this!
I’ve had AirPods replaced now at least 3 times.
As long as AirPods are in stock, the process can be fairly painless:
If in store, they’ll run a quick diagnostic test. Not that we are in Apple Stores as of late but back in the day anyway.
Over the phone, I’ve had them send me a replacement pair and a return package which I’ll ship back. They reserve an amount from your card, something like 80% of the full price of the product, which they’ll release once they have received your return package.

You shouldn’t have had to pay, it’s your statutory right to have them replaced. I am now having this issue with Apple they tried to charge me £80 until I mentioned my statutory rights.

Yeah it’s a bit of a hassle. In store or at an authorized reseller I’ve been able to get them replaced the same day, whereas over the phone they’ll try to enforce the reservation on a credit card which they’ll always remove once processed but it’s not ideal.