AirPods Pro 2 arrived today!

Haven’t done a ton of use yet, but the initial was very good! Used the large tips, and got a good seal for noise canceling.

I notice the increase in bass response, and the other frequencies are excellent also! I could hear fingers scratching on guitar strings, which either speaks to excellent noise cancellation or excellent speakers, or both.

The nice sound when you charge the was very good also! The internal speaker is a nice upgrade!


Any improvements to battery life?

mine are lost in Hong Kong :frowning:

I haven’t used them enough to know on the battery life. I put the case on the charger though, and like the noise to confirm charging. Also, I noticed outside today on a windy day, much better on the noise cancelation.

Will keep watch on the battery.

I’m going to upgrade. The current pros I have can’t last through a 4.5 hour flight and the Nc isn’t good enough. Can’t wait

I’m eagerly awaiting availability here in South Africa which should, with any luck, be around November. Have had the original Airpods, then Airpods 2 of which the battery in one is now completely dead. This time I will try the Airpods Pro.

Mine should be delivered today. UPS apparently put mine on the slow truck to my city Friday morning. Edit: got ‘em.

Sigh …, given that I’ve now abandoned my Android phone for an iPhone, I guess I’ll have to investigate what it is that makes AirPods worth so much money…

Totally off-the-wall question: does the new case work with first-gen AirPods Pro? A long shot, but I have relatively new Pros and can’t really justify replacing them. But the new case offers enough added functionality I’d be curious to know whether it’s backward-compatible.

You may also want to take a look at Beats. Also made by Apple, integrated into the Apple ecosystem and much less expensive.

No, they don’t fit properly. Can’t close the lid

Ok, good to know. Not at all unexpected but oh, well…

My initial thoughts after 48 hours.

The airpods seem to be just a little bit more balanced (actually feel smaller and lighter, but aren’t) they seem to fit better (could also be helped by revised ear bit sizes, medium is awesome for me).

Noise cancellation is noticeably better, especially for engine noise.

Microphones seem to fix the issue with the gen 1 pros where you basically couldn’t use them outdoors in any kind of noise without people complaining. Still more testing to do on this point, but early signs are positive.

Love the volume control gesture, works on both, land has nice little beeps, works well.

Dislike the case charging noises that are on by default, but you can turn off (makes noises when you put an airpod in case and when case is charging)

Overall, they are rather nice, also the extra run time is very handy.

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