Airpods (pro) connectivity is getting worse

Ever since iOS 15 (.02?) my Airpods Pro wont connect properly. I can’t get the “only when last connected” setting to stick, switch devices without turning bluetooth off or get them to connect to my iPhone 8Plus at all.

Yesterday I almost lost it completely and stopped myself in time from throwing my AirPods and phone out of the window.

Has anyone else seen this? Anyone know a solution?

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I do not use the “last connected” option because I use the AirPods with several devices, but I have been struggling for months with the AirPods’ “decision” to connect to certain devices or not. It is ridiculous, to be honest. Apple’s U1 phantasies do not really work reliably in reality - even with their own apps and hardware devices. It is getting ridiculous at this point.

When I am leaving the house walking my dog (with an iPhone and an AppleWatch), it happens frequently that my AirPods decide to connect to the iPad upstairs in the house instead of the iPhone or the AppleWatch. That is until they loose that connection eventually after I already have left the house. And guess what: sometimes, they do not even connect to the iPhone or the AppleWatch after having lost the connection to the iPad.

I use Shortcuts to enforce proper connections and that seems to work fine. I have Shortcuts on the iPhone’s home screen just for this purpose: Audible AirPods and Music AirPods.

Like I said: ridiculous…

I use “When last connected” exclusively and I haven’t had any trouble with it sticking (now on iOS 15.1 but also on the earlier iOS 15 version). I don’t move around from device to device much though.

I did have connection problems when I had them set to the default (“Automatically”). My iPad would reliably steal the Airpods if I was in Bluetooth range - even if it was a floor or more away - and some devices just didn’t work. It’s weird that you’re seeing it with the opposite settings.

I haven’t noticed this getting worse with time but it’s always been a problem since I got my AirPods Pro. There are times when I can’t even get it to connect via the Bluetooth menu in Settings. Sometimes putting them back in the case, closing it, and starting the process over works. But sometimes it doesn’t and I just can’t listen to them. This happens once every other week.

Sometimes I’m out walking the dog far from any of my other devices and it disconnects. I have to pull the phone out of my pocket and reconnect it. This happens about once a week.

The bouncing magically between devices never worked for me. It chooses the wrong thing. If I’m listening to a podcast on my phone, it connects to the laptop. If I’m on a Zoom call on the laptop, it connects to the iPad (I use old Apple wired headphones for calls now = more reliable connection).

Seems that my case is rare. Most people have these features work flawlessly.

A new firmware came out today. Apple didn’t announce what got fixed, but I hope the connectivity issues have been addressed.

My AirPods Pro do a decent job bouncing around (five devices all told) — sometimes amazingly so.

Today I simply could not get them to connect with my phone today… after many tries, I turned Bluetooth off on my phone, waited a minute or so, then turned it back on.

Connected to the AirPods Pro without a hitch, and has been working fine since.

For me, iOS 13 was the one that had trouble recovering from an unconnectable state. iOS 14 introduced an automatic reset that fixed that issue (you could tell it was happening because it would force the AirPods into a totally unconnected mode after a several seconds of being stuck on connecting.) 15 hasn’t regressed for me.

iOS 14’s automatic audio switching has mostly been the end of worrying about which iOS/iPadOS device is connected. But I’ve almost never used them with the Mac–I think keeping AirPods away from the Mac’s bluetooth stack has been key to avoiding a lot of AirPods issues, based on the reports of others.

I’m having particular problems with my iMac remembering the setting I put in.
There’s nothing I can do to get it to do the “when last connected” thing.
As soon as I turn around it resets to automatic, and that’s driving me mad.

I have my work iPhone setup between my iMac and my Second screen to do , and it’s incredibly frustrating to have them jump from iPhone to iMac in mid-call…

Let’s hope the new firmware helps!

I’m sorry for all of your airpod pro troubles, but I’m so glad I’m not alone (or crazy!). I’ve been having the same troubles.

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