AirPods Pro only working in one ear

My AirPods Pro are great for running, walking, just listening etc. My problem was that yesterday only the right one worked. I tried everything, tried hard reboot (failed), rang apple (helpful, but no success). Solution: dirt gets into the case where they go in. Lens cleaning fluid on a cotton wool bud to really clean the inside and the contacts solved it. Hope this is helpful to someone.


Interesting. I had the exact same issue and Apple replaced it for me.

Will keep this in mind. I use mine for running too.

This might not help, since it sounds like you have a hardware failure, but my AirPod Pro set when connected to the Watch often fails to connect one of the earpieces. I found that turning the Watch crown to toggle to volume immediately fixes that.

Myke Hurley was just talking about the apparent trend of “Left AirPods Pro” dying before the right one. Not sure why, but it happened to him too, and others, including myself.

For some reason the left seems (anecdotally) to fail more often.


This happens to me every so often but, in my case, returning both to the case for a couple seconds seems to fix this issue.

I’ve had four sets of AirPods since they were first released (gen 1, gen 2, and pro) for various reasons, and this seems to be an ongoing issue with all of them that continues across connections for my iPhone 11, former iPhone X, iPad Pro, and MacBook Pro. Sometimes it gets fixed by returning to case, other times re-pairing, and once or twice on hard reset. Also, Apple replaced one set under warranty, though when it happened on one set of AirPods just out of warranty (and I couldn’t get one of them to ever reconnect), Apple stated I’d have to pay for replacement (instead just bought a new set). Long story short, you’re not alone.

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