Airport Extreme as SMB. Possible?

Hi All,

I’ve connected an external HDD to my Airport Extreme. On the Mac (Finder) I can see the HDD and it all works fine. Also if I do “connect to server” in Finder and use smb:/// it connects well.

I’d like to to connect via SMB from my iPhone to this HDD. Basically using PhotSync to back up my photos. It’s currently working fine when I connect through WebDav to my NAS, but not when I try to access the AEBS through SMB.

Is this possible? Can I use the external HDD with a SMB connection to AEBS? I’ve tried the same smb credentials I’m using in Finder and it doesn’t work. Maybe I’m missing something (and yes, I did some research :slight_smile: )


Did you try System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing > Options… and check AFP ?


I did, but it only shows the macbook HDD not the external one.

Anyway, resolved now!

Instead of using smb:/// as I do in Finder, I’m using smb://.local/ In Photsync and it works great.