AirPrint printing with iOS

I need help printing from my banks website. I use Safari on my iPad and I like to printout the bill payer data after I enter who gets paid what and when. The bank formats the printout in a portrait mode and I would like it to print as landscape. If I print it in portrait mode I lose the right hand column that has the dollar amount that I need. It appears that the Airprint software that iOS uses to print will not allow the choice of portrait or landscape printing. So I have been searching around the interwebs and came upon Printer Pro from Readdle. The software works but not for what I’m trying to do. Maybe the bank for security wrote the software to prevent any screen captures. I know Safari on the iPad even if you request a desktop website still doesn’t get you all the bells and whistles of the macOS version. If I go to my banks website on my iMac I can printout the bill payer data in landscape just fine. So if anyone has any thoughts let me know. Thanks

Have a look at Printopia or Printopia Pro..

Alternatively you could think abiout a script where the print is turned into a pdf (standard in a Mac. But then first torated 90 using a script that completes the print sequence.