AirTags different use case

This weekend I’m supporting some bike riders from work Glasgow to Manchester.

With agreement, I’ve tucked an AirTag in a bag under someone’s saddle to track where they are.

It’s so useful when the last thing I want to do is interrupt their ride to phone them.


It will be fun to hear how this goes and if the tags can be reliably read as they zip by at high speed. I was tracking my airline luggage some weeks back, and found significant delays in updates. Of course, maybe experienced luggage handlers keep their iPhones away from the tarmac…

I would guess it does ok if he uses the location to anticipate where they will be in a little while, while overshooting their “current” location

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This is exactly it. Two of the cyclists have iPhones, so I can see on a slight delay.


“Luggage handler” don’t earn enough money, to possess an iPhone…

Oh, c’mon now. No need for disparaging comments about essential personnel. They work hard for the money and are putting in honest work. They have also passed strict background checks. A little respect cost nothing to give, yet is valuable to receive.


All of them I know personally, and worked with on a daily base for decades, would rather get this also paid in cash, instead of worthless “valuable respect”, so they could stop working a 2nd or 3rd shift, and/or on a 2nd or 3rd Job, to get enough money home, to simply pay for the rent and food and family!
It is disrespectful to just thing those hard working guys could easily afford the money to buy an iPhone, so that you can track your bag!

Might be an interesting comparison if one of the iPhone cyclists is happy to use Share My Location with you for the duration of the race, see how the updates compare. In theory I believe the Show My Location should be real-time, near enough.

Sure Ulli, happy to learn I mis-read your terse comment as disrespectful.


I believe there is a Translation issue here… airwhale was commenting on “luggage handlers” that work at an Airport. Would I be correct in assuming that Ulli meant “luggage handlers” that work in Hotels?

I have friends who are dock workers transporting luggage from the ferries to the hotels on the island we visit while on vacation. Most of them have iPhones.

I am a Flight Captain, so of course not!

Thank you for clarifying that for us.
Mea Culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa!

And test Strava Beacon as well…

The Find My location sharing was far better. No-one had Strava Premium.

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AirTags have always been advertised as not for tracking moving things (eg pets, even though there are pet collars for sale that hold one) but for items that are stationary, or at least semi-stationary and your test backs this up. I have 4 AirTags and really like them for the (standard) things I have tagged (keys etc). Thanks to you and your cyclist colleagues for doing and reporting the test. I hope their ride went well — that’s quite some distance.


Side note: we did a car rental a couple of weeks ago through Turo, which I always explain as “the AirBnB of car rentals” - it is peer-to-peer.

Naturally, lending your car to strangers has unique problems. One of them might be a concern with covering your bases when something happens and the renter lies about it. Enter the AirTag.

So one day we were driving around and my wife’s iPhone got a notification about an AirTag being with us. I stopped as soon as I could just to make sure there wasn’t some lost or misplaced device in the car. I also thought 'maybe this is a malicious tracking!" but I also thought that the car owners might have hidden an AirTag somewhere. Later I went through the steps to locate it and the beeps came from inside the tire tool area in the trunk. All in all in five days we got three notifications. It was our first interaction w/ an AirTag so kinda cool from a techie perspective.


They had an amazing time, 240 miles in 4 days, some hills and even better downhills. Beautiful scenery and lucky with good weather. It’s something that we’ll all remember for a long time.