AirTags Use Cases?

I’m going to get 4 AirTags:

1 for my bike - considering getting the Belkin keychain for this and attached below the seat with the keychain and then tape it over with black duck tape.

1 for my every day bag - will get the blue Apple band and hang the AirTag on the outside of the bag.

1 for my keys - will probably get the Belkin keychain for this

1 more left - I can’t find a use case for this last one, so I’m thinking attaching it somehow to my iPad Pro with the magic keyboard which I’m going to buy soon.

My question is just, not having an Magic Keyboard, how do I attach an AirTag to an iPad Pro and which accessory should I get for that?

Also, the right thing to do with AirTags is to keep them visible on one’s stuff right? Because it deters thieves, is that correct? I heard that recently on some podcast


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You can buy silicone pouches with a sticker on from Amazon.
Can’t vouch for how good they are though.

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I’m sort of surprised Apple didn’t come out with a flat form factor for the AirTags, especially given its design emphasis on thin, flat metal objects.

I can think of a number of use cases where flat would be much better: Macs, iPads, iPhones, wallets, etc.


It was discussed on ATP this week, form over function :slight_smile:

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You can already track your devices, such as your iPhone or iPad, in the Devices tab of the Find My app, so you really don’t need an AirTag for that.


I agree, I would attach it to AirPods, might sounds more reasonable to me, than iPad that is able to report location on its own.

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I assume a thief would ditch the AirTag if they knew it was attached.


I was thinking of attaching them on the inside for fear that thieves would steal the AirTag. Does anyone else have a concern with this?


I have been trying to think of use cases as well.

My wife’s car keys. - we find them regularly under the couch or in the toy box (wherever the kids think its good to hide them when we are in a rush to leave the house)

After that….I really can’t think of any other use cases? Maybe putting one in the car glove compartment in case there’s a theft?

I thought about luggage when traveling, but all you need is someone to throw the AirTag in the garbage or away from your bag.

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Wouldn’t they just take it off if they saw it and really wanted to steal your stuff?

No one will care about them in a month. They will be scratched up discs that Apple nerds like to use as some sort of badge. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So do AirPods, actually. :wink: AirPods also report their location via the FindMy app.

That said, the AirTag has finer locating details, so if you lose it within your house, you can find it.

@JohnAtl this is exactly what I thought as well! But i heard it last week. I think it was on Connected or Upgrade. I can’t remember. But something like a bag it should be on the outside, I don’t get it either. I think perhaps the idea was that a Good Samaritan would find it and scan the AirTag and then contact you

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Well, the thief can just turn off the iPad and that’s that. If one could do something to attach the AirTag and the thief would’nt notice it at first there might be a chance to get it back, but I get your point

So do AirPods. The AirPods case does not. But each AirPod does report location in find my until they run out of battery

Sure, but can’t you put in lost mode so it it I turned back on it will be locked? If your iPad is stolen (or anything for that matter), are you really going to track it down and confront the person who stole it? These things are more about finding lost items than thefts.


They report location only when they are connected to the iPhone. (i.e. outside the case in range), and I never lose them outside the case.
As someone who really lost his AirPods few times (I was able to find them), but they are really the most difficult devices to locate.

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Yes, but they literally can’t do anything with that iPad afterwards. They can’t activate an iPad that is still connected to your FindMy. They can sell it for spare parts.

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Am I the only one who thinks putting one of these on the outside of your bag looks a bit pretentious? Look at me with my fancy Apple products!


I don’t. Personally I never pay attention to brands—brands per se have never been important to me—so the idea that having an AirTag on my luggage was somehow pretentious never crossed my mind. Of course, I’m not exactly hip. I have to Google most “celebrities” and pop stars. :slight_smile: I suspect that most people are of the same opinion, especially given how many people own an Apple product at this point.


I can see doing it on luggage, because it also help you identify your bag from afar if you put it on one of those longer case/ribbon things. But like on a backpack? There is no reason for it other than to advertise for Apple. It’s not deterring theft because they are easy to remove if the thief knows it’s there. It doesn’t need to be on the outside to operate, so it’s only there to show others you have one.

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