AirTags Use Cases?

To @wnknisely 's point, a cursory search says it seems AirTags don’t include the most useful functionality of alerting you when you are x meters (or x feet if you’re in the US, of course) from the AirTagged object.
This might be Tile’s advantage over AT.

Well it would be if it worked reliably with tile, which sadly I never found it did.

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If the AirTag is in a Hermes AirTag holder, I’d say definitely!

Indeed! With all due respect anyone in this forum who buys the Hermes AirTag holder, I sometimes think people have more money than sense. :wink:


I bought a 4 pack… because it was 33% off due to a pricing error at a local retailer. I had no plans have buying it…….

So far, the only use case is to have one one in my car. I always forget where the car is parked and with the ultraband chip on my iphone, I am hopeful it fulfils this use case.

Since I only have one car, I have no idea what I am going to do with the other 3 airtags. Probably shouldn’t have bought it.

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Hey, don’t judge me! :stuck_out_tongue: I got my wife an Apple Watch Hermès for Christmas!

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I wouldn’t worry about them being stolen. But they probably wouldn’t survive many rides on an airport luggage carousel. My airtags will travel inside my bags.

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Please don’t tell my wife!! :laughing:


The downside of AirTags, perhaps.

But what will they market to you later if they gave you all the solutions now? :slight_smile:


Flat would have been good, as would a hole to attach it to things. But a hole would have eliminated the need for accessories.


How about two AirTags on backpack or luggage?One on outside and visible and the other on the inside stuffed in the bottom of a pocket. If someone was to steal the bag the visibility might deter them but if they just take the tag off, thinking there goes the tracking and they are safe and they really aren’t.


The hidden AirTag will blow it’s cover at some point. “Find My will notify you if an unknown AirTag is seen moving with you over time.”

I put one on that sock. You know, the one that always goes missing in the dryer.


Good point! It’s just that I will buy the 4 pack of AirTags and can’t figure what the h… to do with the fourth

Oh alright, I see. Thanks, I didn’t know. I lost both once at the beach and was able to find them, buried in the sand, by playing a sound on them and approximating their location with Find My. Makes sense, now

Alright, I think people will be much less inclined for some reason to turn in an iPad than a bag. Also, it’s hard to see on an iPad who it belongs to, so in the case of a Good Samaritan having an AirTag on the iPad will allow that person to return it quite easily

as far as I understand a stole AirTag has no value. If it belongs to you and you report missing then it’s a brick

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AirTags as I understand a when reported stolen are just bricks. You can’t convert one into your own AirTag.