Alerts, notifications, logging, oh my!

I have several applications that email a daily log or the notifications show up on macos or iphone.

Some examples include:

  • arq backup - daily email log on completion, tells me if there are errors
  • synology - replication status on ios app
  • chronosync - notification on mac on completion
  • disk utility - doesn’t have notifications
  • these examples are more utility like apps that I run in the background but I could see it used for others too.

Is there software that can:

  • log the notifications from different devices, computers, or synology for historical and tracking purposes
  • I want to know
    • what software was run
      • Ex: Disk Utility - First Aid, super duper, chronosync, arq
    • when it was run
    • what device/computer/server it was run
    • duration of the run (I like how super duper tells you runtime)
    • outcome (if completed and/or an error)
  • When there is an error, then alert me either by a flagged email or better yet a notification on my Mac or iphone