Alfred 3 on the iPhone

Is it worth getting Alfred on your iPhone? New to this app, just purchased it for my MacBook, per Joe Buhlig’s recommendation. Thank you

Are you talking about the Alfred remote app? I’ve never had much interest in it but am curious of others are using it and how.

I got into it when it first came out but it’s languished unused the last year or two. I didn’t really find a use for it.

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Yes, the remote app, let me know your thoughts

I’m a big Alfred user on the Mac, but like others I have not found a compelling use for the remote app. If I’m within using distance of my Mac it is easier to press Option+Space to bring up Alfred than finding the app on my phone.

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But I was reminded last night that there is a v2 on the way, teased in late March or so.

With the (very sad) demise of (formerly, I was hoping Alfred’s Remote app could fill the gap. Sadly, it’s a bit too limiting for what I had hoped to use it for. Good news to hear that a V2 is in the pipeline.

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