Alfred 5 just gone live!

Seems it has launched! Downloaded, and exploring.

Any of the Beta testers have some views they can share now, on what to focus on?

I downloaded it yesterday and love it so far. The new workflow editor is really nice. Running shortcuts also works perfectly for me.

Here’s what’s new:

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I installed and tested yesterday. all of my workflows work. yay!

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Same today – transition appears to have been flawless.

Alfred 4 works really well for me. What are the benefits of upgrading to 5?

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This upgrade seems heavily weighted towards improving their Workflow feature and integration with Mac automation. I don’t use either at this moment, but I still upgraded my Powerpack to keep the devs around and interested in other improvements they might be working on.


I’ve never had any issues upgrading Alfred in the past, but this time all of my workflows and custom web searches disappeared after upgrading to version 5. Anyone have any ideas how to get these back?

Never mind, I simply neglected to point Alfred 5 to the location of my Alfred 4 preferences—workflows and web searches immediately returned. Leaving my original comment and this response in case anyone does the same.


Yip – was syncing Alfred 4’s prefs (in my case, to Box) – and on starting setup of v5, just had to point it to the same folder.

After kicking the tyres, then went and manually “trash-canned” v4, which was still hanging around in my /Applications folder.

One of the most pleasurable upgrades ever. After I stepped through the setup everything seems to be working 100%. I expect you get troubles if you tell it to skip the setup.

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Will my existing installation of Alfred automatically detect the update and replace itself with the newer version of Alfred?

After the install Alfred4 never ran again, but it wasn’t deleted. A quick drag to the trash handled that.

Not in my experience. I used the link I got in an announcement email and downloaded v5 myself. Followed onscreen instructions for upgrading the Powerpack.

This is considered a major release, v4 to v5. Paid. Not just a quick update that installs itself.

Fantastic app. Contributed some more $ even though already a mega supporter as small contribution to show appreciation.


The Workflows store/portal is coming soon :wink:


As did I. I cannot remember what I paid when I became a lifetime supporter, but given how much I use Alfred, I have no qualms with continuing to support when I can.


I’ll likely do the exact same thing you did. I’ve used Macs without Alfred on them and felt so lost and confused. LOL.


Paid? Will free users not be able to use the new version?

I was never a free user for very long, but I’ve read nothing about changes to the free level.

To me, Alfred wouldn’t be Alfred without my Powerpack! And that part of it is a paid upgrade.


I just reinstalled the latest version of Alfred. Luckily for me, everything went smoothly.