Alfred Snippet Feature / Cancelled TextExpander

Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve bookmarked your comment and I’ll check out Shortcuts in more depth. I may even consider KM. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

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One reason I re-installed TE was that unless I use the ‘type’ option to enter snippets from Keyboard Maestro, the ‘paste text’ option uses up system clipboard space. I find that useful for things I actually copy and don’t want endless snippets appearing over and over on it. Does Alfred, if you use it for snippets, use the system clipboard? If you don’t know how to access that if you just command + v into a text app it is probably taking it from the system clipboard. Launchbar which I am thinking of trying out Alfred instead of, seems to use the system clipboard. I find its snippet actions okish. I will check all the apps to see which ones take up system clipboard space and return if anybody is interested.

I have copied also, had not thought to use it for snippets.

I prefer using Copied for less frequently used snippets where I’d need to look up the forgotten abbreviation anyway.

I do the same now and use drafts. At some point I’ll setup some shortcuts so I can easily enter values for a complex snippet. Cancelling TE after 6 years of using it. Can’t justify the cost. And that iOS keyboard was a pain to use.


Yes, it is getting increasingly difficult to remember some of the abbreviations - old age! :grimacing:

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Yeah, I can’t use that iOS keyboard for anything much, my wife goes like lightening on it and nearly runs two businesses from her iPhone. No snippets either. @timlawson ; same. I have discovered though that using snippets, unless you set them to type, which I love, just to see the stuff type itself so fast, on Keyboard Maestro they use up a lot of system clipboard space. I find the clipboard useful but not so much if it is full of dates and my own signature etc… So for that reason alone I reinstalled TE: I notice that Launchbar doesn’t seem to use the clipboard for its own snippets. I would be interested to hear about Alfred in this regard?

Alfred has a feature where you can add all of your snippets with a keyword. I’m using it extensively and it works great!

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I am tempted to try Alfred!

Does Alfred put the snippet on the System Clipboard though? If it does is there a way to delete it like there is in Keyboard Maestro using an extra action with every expansion. As I said Launchbar obviously has a built in delete from system clipboard for its native snippets. Does Alfred have the same capacity? Either built in or doable in some way? Text Expander doesn’t seem to put anything on any clipboard, maybe it does and has a built in delete action? I know this is quite tricky and fussy but I like to keep my system clipboard from getting full of dates and my signature :grinning:

Alfred does not appear to put the snippet in the clipboard. You simply use the keyword, select the snippet and hit enter and it is entered at your cursor. No copy/past involved. I hope I’m answering your question but keep in mind, I’m pretty new to Alfred. I’m now using it constantly on my Mac and find it incredibility helpful and efficient.

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Thanks for the time you took, you answered perfectly what I wanted to know.

I can do this with Keyboard Maestro but it invoves either getting it to type the snippet: which I love by the way, just because… Or use the paste text option and put in an easy but extra action to delete it from the Clipboard. I just use a template and dupicate it, then fill in the text with the delete action already present: it is as quick as TE was really for me.

2I will keep TE for now in case I need some special use, forms or whatever over the next year. I am tempted in your directon though I will say.

You can keep and save items on Keyboard Maestro’s access to the System Clipboard and it keeps anyway 200 of the last copied items

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To me, KM and Alfred work very well hand in hand. KM for more complex stuff and Alfred for the easy ones.

For instance, I have Alfred snippet set to \t which will auto expand my email. Then I have a KM macro (command-shift-T) which will read my password off keychain and paste. So, when I am at a login in page, I just need to \t to enter my email and then command-shift-T to enter password. It’s far, far faster than clicking on the tiny Lastpass icon to autofill.

Secondly, Alfred has built in Clipboard manager so I can go to document and command-C to copy a few highlights. Then, go to a Powerpoint and do command-shift-C to open up a clipboard menu and use arrow to paste these snippets into Powerpoint. Sure, KM can do it too, but I think Alfred is faster (and easier to set up), which is why I use Alfred for the easy stuff and KM for the more elaborated macros that I have to build.

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With 1Password you can just use Alfred to launch the site (there’s a workflow to lookup the vault entries) and it will auto fill username and password.
If you go to the site first, via the browser, you just got command backslash and it will enter the correct credentials. …or you can go blind on my 4K monitor and try to click the tiny browser extension haha


Do you have a link to that workflow? That sounds very helpful.

There isn’t a workflow - it’s a built-in feature:

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I did not know I could do that! I just set it up—thanks a million!

Just solved a minor problem created when I cancelled TE. I used TE frequently to quickly enter the date. Without TE, there is no easy way to accomplish this in iOS. So I tried a small experiment. I used the text replace feature to create simple triggers to insert the month, e.g., @1 for January. This of course also works on the MBP. This saves a few keystrokes which adds up over time. I still have to type the day and year. I was hoping I could use {date:long} but that does not work. I also tried it in Alfred but it does not work there either.

This may not be sophisticated or elegant, but works. The advantage is that I don’t have to invoke a separate keyboard on iOS as I had to do with TE.

If anyone knows a better way to accomplish this in iOS short of using TE or similar program, let me know!

You can do this in Shortcuts - see

Alternatively you can use Copied if you’re using it anyway, with a custom text formatter. I still have the TE keyboard but I generally find Copied much quicker esp. on my phone.

THANKS! I could not figure out how to get this to work in shortcuts—I need to probably spend some time with the application. I’ll give this a try. The only downside that comes to mind is that I have to open another app and click the shortcut to insert the date/time. That seems like it may take longer than typing it?