All Eggs In One Basket = Bad Idea

When you run a business 100% from a computer and the internet, it is NOT a good idea to depend on just one way.

Reference the internet part, i have that part covered as best that i can, TWO ways to get there. Three, if you count going somewhere other than my office to connect.

Operating systems…I slipped. 100% in IOS/Apple. Not knocking on their noggins one bit, they are doing what they can. They ARE in the business of designing and selling a good product. They slipped this time too, which is a good thing in the long run, because it says that they are reaching beyond the safe boundaries.


Email not syncing across Apple devices. (That’s a BIG issue for me ((Business)).
Blank emails.
Can swipe two, sometimes three, emails to the left to delete, the all i get is a flashing color band on the right of the next email that I try to swipe left.
Copy/Share link is a hit ‘n miss.
The widget panel WAS working well, now only shows the weather, unless i pull it up some towards the top.
Smart Keyboard is now a expensive screen cover. (Quit with the iPadOS install). Which lead me to be VERY THANKFUL that i “over did it” months ago, and bought a Anker Bluetooth keyboard for “just in case”.
The “attach a hard drive” thing is wonky.
Apple maps has me going to the other side of my neighborhood to get home, (and there’s no street there that leads to my home).
Mouse support works FANTASTIC, and I LIKE the pointer.
I am probably missing this one, but my slide up on screen keyboard doesn’t slide up very often, requiring a reboot to get it back.
I am still fiddling with trying to get a external monitor to work with my ipad (or iphone). Most definitely NOT a plug n play setup.
iPhone XR seems to have the more stable release.

Things will get better, but for now, i have been taught a tough lesson. Don’t update ANYBODY’S “new stuff”. My business is stumbling because IIIIIII messed up. Yep. I take the blame for my mistakes.


What email provider do you have? If I had a problem with the Mail app, I’d fall back to the Gmail app or Outlook.


Gmail and .me and .icloud and my website has several through that host. I am getting A LOT of blank emails on the iPad, but they are thankfully coming through on my iPhone.

That black (dark mode) screenshot that I post is from my iPad. The emails that I already had since yesterday are there. Everything coming in today is blank.

Is it possibly black text on a black background? Try switching out of dark mode?


Good call Diane!

Unfortunately, didn’t solve the concern. I like the thinking though! :+1:t2:

And a note, there’s actually two in the screenshot that are empty. One is gray, and the other is white. In dark mode, one is dark gray, the other light gray.

And my emails still are not coming through on the iPadOS, just on the iPhone. Interesting. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I am now running iPadOS 13.1.2 and I just sent myself an email and it arrived on the iPad (this is a 9.7" iPad Pro). Did you try removing the email account and then setting it up again? - assuming it’s all on the cloud and not downloaded to your iPad.

Also, you can try using the Gmail app for Gmail as well as the Mail app. I use both Gmail app and iOS Mail app simultaneously. I mostly use the Mail app but Gmail app gives notifications for Gmail that Mail does not.

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And I do realize that I am not being nice about the latest Apple releases, BUT, I am still thankful for Apple creating mostly solid devices that we can mostly rely on.

I get knocks at my door regularly by folks saying “I hear that you work on computers”. Nope, I work at one. I don’t repair them. “Dang! I got a ‘Winders computer that I need a fix ‘n”.
I did break down one time and help a mid 80’s recently widowed lady. She knocked on my door. “My laptop quit, and I can’t play my Solitaire”. I couldn’t turn that sad face away. Fixed it for her at no charge. She is happy again.

Perhaps the real point isn’t ‘all eggs in one basket’ but ‘rushing to install new OSes on all devices’. I’m still on iOS 12 and macOS 10.14.6, and intend to stay there for at least a few more weeks.


I’ve come to realize that “all” this stuff is Beta. Despite the best attempts to bug fix you’re going to have a bunch of new code and features that aren’t 100 percent.

When I eventually run a dedicated business computer I know I’m going to have to seek that point where the OS and applications are in their most reliable state and stay there as long as possible. New bells and whistles are nice so long as they actually work most of the time.

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All great points, and yep, I agree. Back in my I.T. days, (Windows desktops and servers), we had a strict policy, DO NOT INSTALL UPDATES when they first come out!
I should have followed that rule for my own stuff this time. I am not too proud to admit, it’s my fault. I slipped.