All I want for Christmas is …

What are you looking for under the tree for any of the current or upcoming gifting events?

Or, what are you gifting to that special one in your life?

Got the wife an Apple Watch Hermes 40mm to replace her Series 3.

And you can’t get a new watch without getting a new charger stand, so I got her one of those as a stocking stuffer! :grinning:

For another stocking stuffer, she’s getting a Waterfield suede sleeve for her 13 inch MacBook Pro.

These are great because she carries a large Louis Vuitton bag which, let’s face it, is not really designed for carrying tech items. :wink:

With this sleeve, she can put her laptop in the bag even though the bag itself has no separate pocket for a laptop.

We just got my 2 kids a XS Max and the youngest a XR (Red) for christmas. Verizon was running a sale for the XR free with purchase of a XS. I’m not expecting any Apple items this year but I’ve let it be known a new iPad would be awesome. :rofl:

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You might find this helpful if you get an iPad. :slight_smile:

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As I spotted this topic I would have posted “A Milanese loop strap for my AWS 4 44mm.” but my sister just popped in with gifts from her and my nephew, and they really wanted to see my unwrap my gift from them (since they’re spending Christmas with her boyfriend this year), so I just got… a Milanese loop strap​:muscle::grin::muscle:

So, if I had to list anything it would have to be plenty of signal for FaceTime with my son while he unwraps my gift for him which is a 64 GB iPhone 8 Plus since his 6 Plus just doesn’t cut it anymore (it won’t play Fortnite - oh, the crisis :laughing:) :slight_smile:

A „Yes“ from my love - I am going to propose to her :heart_eyes:


A new iMac or iMac Pro to replace an aging cheese grater Mac Pro.

Maybe for Christmas 2019.

My daughter gets a new iPad… wrapped in the proper MacSparky way… and all is good with the world!!