All in with Apple Productivity Apps (Mail, Notes, Reminders, Calendar)

Is there an easy way to link to an Apple Note from another app without doing the share with other people thing?

Unfortunately, not that I’m aware of but if you share to your own iCloud email address you don’t actually get an email, you can just copy the URL and paste elsewhere. Not great but fast and easy nevertheless.

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I use Hook to do this. It creates a URL like:


which can then be used anywhere.

Mac only - does not work on iOS but I use it everywhere to create links to files and notes from across the system.

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I also use Hook to link Notes in my tasks.

Apple Notes and Reminders unfortunately have limited Apple Script support, but for Notes Hook as found a way to get the address of a note in Notes, for Reminders it is a different story… no way to get the address for a reminder so you create a link to it.

A neat little trick for Notes users who want to use it for journaling/daily notes.

Simple (downloadable) shortcuts to create a daily note in a folder (which can be automated), to go directly to today’s daily note from a home screen icon making adding to it through the day a breeze, and to pre-populate some content.

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Over the years I’ve become pretty entrenched in 3rd party apps. The Apple ones are fine but I much prefer third party

Apps that replace Apple apps I’ve been using for 5+ years:

  • Fantastical
  • Drafts (I really only need text notes, I have very few image based notes in Notes)
  • Due, I also use OmniFocus but I’d never let Reminders function as my task manager
  • I do use Safari for my browser though
  • I don’t do email on my phone but I do have my account setup if I need to send an email. On the Mac I use MailPlane for gmail (work)

I use Notes extensively, typing some and handwriting others. I sometimes print to PDF so I can either file a note in a folder or send it on to someone else who doesn’t have access to Apple Notes.

I’ve just discovered that on longer handwritten notes at least it’s only printing some of the content. I only realised when I tried to review a generated PDF of some notes I’d made. Thankfully, the content is still OK in Notes, but that could be a bit of a deal breaker for me if I can’t reliably export content to a standard format.

Edit: Printing to PDF on the iPad from Notes works fine, so it’s a bug on the MacOS version.


I use Apple Notes, Mail and also Calendar. Until a month ago i used Fantastical, but i did not use enough of its features so i did not pay for another year. Reminders is getting better, but i still prefer OmniFocus and Due.

I wish Apple would give the Mail, Notes, Reminders and Calendar app updates apart from OS-releases…

The only thing that annoys me about Mail at the moment is that is does not give me the possibility to ask which account to use when sending mail… sometimes when replying fast i forget to select the account i want to use for the email.



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This is what makes me sad about subscription software. I am grandfathered into a free version of Fantastical since I bought v1 years ago. I don’t get all the fancy new features from the subscription (that I don’t need), but the basics make for a really good calendar app. I have tried other apps (and the stock app), but I just like the layout and UI of Fantastical better.

I have mistakenly installed the free version of Fantastical on a new device and it makes it clear that it’s a sub model and they want you to buy it, unlike the version I have. I wish there was middle ground with some subscription apps. We need more really good apps that are feature complete and not a subscription.

This was the main reason i like Fantastical on my iPhone, but i’m still working from home most of the time and travel a lot less and therefore mostly work from behind my Mac.

On macOS Apple Calendar works fine for me, its not as pretty but it gives me a good enough overview of the appointments for the day and week.

If at any time i need to rely more on my iPhone for creating and viewing appointments i probably would pay for Fantastical again. I still would prefer to pay a single license fee, as i do not use most of the new features.

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My wife complained about this and I told her it’s why I don’t use Apple mail. Can’t be replaying and mixing personal, with school, with church, etc.

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Late to the party. Oops but then only discovered MPU a few days ago.

I use Apple Mail, Calendar, and Notes because in addition to a Mac mini, and MacBookPro I also have an iPad Air ($th gen) and an iPhone so everything is linked/shared via iCloud. Two Apple app I don’t use are Safari (on macOS anyway where it serves only to download Firefox) and Reminders.

I looked at Thunderbird as a replacement for Mail and Calendar on macOS but something about it didn’t gel with me. I have stuck with the standard applications.

Most of the time the Clock app’s alarms are sufficent for me because my iPhone is always in reach and have no real requirement for anything else.

I do not bother with Pages as the paradigm on an infinite roll of paper doesn’t work for me. Scrivener is my writing tool of choice with it installed on all my Apple devices each connected together via Dropbox.


Could you share the way you would link internally between notes. I’ve been looking for a type of way to quickly link between notes, rather than share copy link and pasting in the note you were working on. Preferably even bi-directional linking such as in roam-research or obsidian.

Additionally with internal linking looking for a quick way to share reminders/email/note to Calendar with a click-through link taking me back from calendar