Alternative to Adobe Professional for Creating Fillable PDF

I am trying to take a PDF I created and make portions of it fillable by multiple devices. Phone, Windows, Catalina, etc. Just an application but want for users to be able to compete.

PDF Expert & PDFPen are the usual suspects.

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I can use them for me to complete a PDF. However, I want to send a PDF with fields that the recipient can complete without any special software.

PDFPENPRO lets you create fillable fields.


PDFPen Pro has a good engine to create fillable fields that any recipient can use. (They need to have a reasonably recent PDF reader, but nothing special.)

Thank you all. I couldn’t see the feature on the web page but downloaded a trial. I will be purchasing it soon. Thanks for the help!

Just curious, how did this work out for you? I’m looking to create a fillable pdf as well.