Alternatives to Day One

I just use a shortcut and automation that pulls all my diary entries and all my OF tasks for the day into 1 overview in Drafts at 00:01 am. During the day I add notes and remarks to that Drafts Note, cross off what I’ve done and add action items.

When it is time to log off I pick up all remaining actions, update OF and end the day. The next morning I have a fresh new note, ready for the day.
This gives me an active daily worksheet, and an archive of all my tasks/appointments and thoughts ready for me in Drafts

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That is pretty awesome! I am in awe of you guys that have created such fantastic automated workflows.

Awesome! Would it be possible to share an outline of the Shortcut?

I would add ingesting weather and location data on various parts of the day and also a filing of the end-of-day Drafts in DayOne to complete the circle

here it is, it’s very simple and easily adapted to anyone’s needs

as is it works for me, would be interesting to see what others do with it


I have been very happy using Obsidian, Daily Notes with the Quick Add extension. I followed the setup described here: Journaling Workflow for Appending to Daily Notes with QuickAdd (VIDEO) – The Sweet Setup


I don’t journal daily but when I do I simply create a new note in Apple Notes. Often just by using voice dictation on my phone, which then syncs to my mac. I don’t see that mentioned here, so…what am I missing by doing this?

you miss nothing as you have captured the things you want. The only downside I see is your journal entries are either filed unstructured amidst different types of notes or need to be manually filed in a folder structure. Attachments are OK. Search will be OK but GUI wise you don’t have things like calendar lookup

Diarly is on Setapp too

Also I like the UI of Note Plan, available through SetApp.

Does anyone have the link to David’s webinar?