Am I forced to use the Twitter app now?

I’ve been a longtime Tweetbot user but given the changes Twitter made recently, it’s made Tweetbot less effective for me. Specifically, I have no way to view activities like follows and likes.

If you are in the same boat, what are you using now? Am I basically forced to use the Twitter iOS client to get those features?

I installed Twitter’s app on my iPnone solely for alerts, but I still use Tweetbot for reading/tweeting, as it’s much better-looking, and I’m used to the UI. No reason not have both installed.

That’s a fair point. I would normally hate having two apps for the same thing but I like Tweetbot.

I took the same approach as @bowline.

I use Tweetbot to read Tweets on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I like the UI and the fact that it syncs my read position across all of my devices.

I mainly use the native Twitter app for viewing stats as I generally don’t rely on receiving real-time notifications about anything Twitter related.