Am I misremembering? App Suggestions & Calendar in Smart Stack?

Hello all – would appreciate some assistance?

This morning I deleted a medium-sized Smart Stack widget (the Apple built-in one), since I only had Calendar, Music and Photos inside/on rotation inside of it.
I wanted to add the App Suggestions widget into the Smart Stack as well.

After the delete, I tried to add a medium Smart stack back to my widget page/springboard, and then tried “editing” it, so that I could select what I wanted to have displayed.
However, I was no longer offered Calendar as an option. And, neither did App Suggestions appear as an option.
Whilst I don’t know if App Suggestions were ever an option inside a Smart Stack – I am pretty darn sure that Calendar was!!

I recall from this morning that Music, World Clock, Photos, Notes and one or two others were available, that could be added/switched off, and moved around.
I gave up, and left it as is.

Immediately before writing this post, I went through the process again – and this time I was offered the following as possible widgets to have displayed inside the Smart Stack:

Siri Suggestions
(World) Clock
And a host of IMDB widget-options (Latest news; Popular trailers) etc.

What on earth is going on?

Anyone have any idea how one would be able to get Music, Calendars, Photos and ideally App Suggestions into a single Smart Stack?
How are those options being determined by iOS?
Anyone else been having trouble with this?

Could you hear my face-palm from over there?

Wow. I completely forgot about the option to drag them in on top of one another – which is obviously what I did the very first time.


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