Amazon Prime Going Up / May Cancel—Not Sure

I don’t know what I’ll do yet but I’m not sure I’m willing to pay $140/year. I’m willing to wait for deliveries, I don’t listen to Amazon music and only watch shows occasionally.

“Monthly Prime memberships will go from $12.99 to $14.99, and annual memberships will be hiked to $139 from the current $119. The price change will go into effect for new members starting Feb. 18, and existing members will see their fees go up on the date of their next renewal after March 25.”

Ugh, that sucks. I think even with the price hike though, I’ll probably be sticking around. We watch stuff on their streaming service, and if I go through my order history I think we’re probably money ahead (shipping-wise) paying for Prime.

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I’ll need to run a quick analysis. I guess with all shipping prices going up, Prime could still be a fair price.

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It’s worth $1.50/mo more for me.
They’ve started some early morning deliveries here (between 4 and 8am), which is nice.
We use streaming too.
Don’t care about their music, as we have Apple Music.


I’m in the back of the same boat.


The thing is, they frequently have free non-Prime (“super saver”) shipping - but it’s very much “it’ll get there when it gets there” territory.

Before COVID that shipping tier was slow. But now, when Prime can sometimes take 3-5 days for their 2-day delivery and “next day” can occasionally mean “sometime this week”, I don’t want to find out what the slower option looks like now. :slight_smile:


I am in. I wanted a Caldigit hub the other day. Ordered it that night and it was sitting on my doorstep when I woke up the next morning. I couldn’t even have drove to any store to get one quicker. That’s worth it to me.

Plus, last time I canceled and tried free shipping, they deliberately took their time. The item will “ship” and then not move for 5 days. It’s like they are telling you, “See how much Prime is worth?”


We gave up Prime because with it, we end up spending more money on impulse buys and were less likely to shop locally. For those considering canceling, in my experience, it’s was like quitting Facebook… a lot easier than I thought it’d be.


Just too many benefits to quit! We buy just about everything from Amazon and the ability to just “buy it now” on litttle incidentals and get them the next day makes it worth it, for sure. Combine that with Whole Foods being our secondary supermarket (and the only one we buy meat at), ant the 5% cash-back with the Amazon credit card… Oh, and we also watch a lot of Amazon Video.

I read somewhere that Amazon Prime membership is the stickiest membership program out there.

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I was returning the Wyze Scale at the Whole Foods in Fayetteville AR. I get out of the car and there’s a guy right across the parking space pulling out an Amazon box. I said to him “They get us to return 30 dollars here in the hopes we spend 100 dollars at Whole Foods”

He said “you gotta do what you gotta do for free returns”

One of my wife’s colleagues told us about the Prime benefits at Whole Foods which I had no clue about and that’s saying something because she’s a Walmart employee as well.

I’m a big fan of Prime. I use music, video, and photos. Photos is nice as an unlimited storage space.

Keeping it. LOVE it and the delivery quickness and dig the Prime shows. Still worth it for us!

In Spain this year, it’s only €36 for the entire year. I almost didn’t pay that as I hardly use the service, but my wife watches the TV so we ended up subscribing. At €140 I’d be out in an instant.

I’m currently on the educational discounted rate, but even at full price I’d come out on top. I use Amazon Music Prime which - as a fan of old jazz - has plenty of content. We stream occasionally, although in the UK Prime Video is not a patch on Netflix, and the free delivery helps. Full price in the UK is £6.58 a month incl. tax (c. $9) on an annual plan - less than Spotify or Apple Music alone (although I appreciate it is a vastly reduced catalogue). They’ve not announced any increase yet, but I’m sure it will come.

I really should backup my photos to their service since it’s there.

For personal reasons I gave up buying from or using Amazon services entirely* around two years ago and after a short initial withdrawal-like period over impulse buys and quick delivery it’s completely fine.

The bonus is, like you, I’ve definitely saved a decent amount of money on impulse buys in addition to the subscription fee. I might pay more in shipping or price from other places, but I’m still better off overall.

*I’m aware Amazon web services are widely used by other services.


My family will stick with prime. We use the streaming and prime music. We also often choose to delay shipping so that we get the digital rewards for Kindle books. For us, the digital rewards almost pays for the membership.

I haven’t been a prime member for a while now. Not eager to support Bezos’ trips to “space”.

I don’t mind people getting paid well, and making a lot of money. But there comes a point when enough is enough. This seems like a money grab to me.

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Never been a Prime member except for when I get a free trial. I’ll say this though, in recent months, I tend to get my orders, with the free shipping option, within 4 days of ordering. In the past it has taken longer, often closer to 6 or 7 days as they delay shipping. But lately they seem to ship it within 2 days and then it’s another two days before it’s in my box. Doesn’t matter as I’m never in a hurry.

On the question of video I have often subscribed to Prime Video on it’s own. Didn’t know that was possible until a couple years ago. Now I treat Prime Video like any other service and just subscribe twice a year for a month each time and catch up on shows. I want to watch. Then I wait 5 to 7 months, maybe more, and sub again when there are more to watch. I think it’s around $9 on it’s own.


I also did not know that was possible, that may be a good option. Thanks for sharing.

Same here. I even got an email shortly after placing an order (expected to arrive in 2 days) saying it would be delivered in the next 2 hours.

I don’t need that level of service on every order but I’m still avoiding crowds, especially since the majority in my area do not wear masks. So I’m willing to pay for reliable delivery. And prime isn’t the only service I pay for.

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