Anker battery for Disney World

I bought an Anker PowerCore 13000 for a family trip to Disney World last week after hearing @MacSparky mention using his at Disneyland.
It worked swimmingly, as we all needed to get a quick charge at some point each day (6 of us with iPhones).
Anyway, thanks for the recommendation! One less thing to worry about on our Disney vacation last week.

Rumor has it that it works also outside of Disney parks.


Ha! Yeah, I might find some uses for it. I didn’t need it enough to buy one before our trip though.


Just spotted this in Fantasyland

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That’s actually a great idea.

I remember EE doing something like this in the U.K. - they gave all their customers battery packs (or made them very cheap for them), but if it ran out of battery you could bring it into the store and pick up a new one, handy for long days. I seem to remember some of the batteries were fire hazards though.

I do remember Disney talking about this when I last worked there so hopefully it’ll make its way to all the parks in the next few years!

In london a good number of bus stops have now USB for charging devices. There are some street phone booths and outdoor places installing these too.

Bus stop :point_down:


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