Annotated PDF email reply automation request

Hi there

I hope this is the right place to post this.
I am not very good at automating my workflows, this is one I would very much like to get automated.

So let med describe what I do:

  1. I receive a PDF I need to annotate and return to sender (Always from the same person)
  2. Open the PDF directly from the E-mail (In Preview)
  3. Annotate (I don’t need this step to be automated)
  4. Share the open PDF to a new mail (Via the share menu)
  5. Insert the recipient and topic (Always the same)

Can this be automated, so when I receive an email from this person, I just click the email and then a custom script button, or launch an app?

I have attempted this in automator but ended up with multiple PDFs in the email that I send.

Got any ideas?

Not the complete process but once you have annotated the PDF in Preview save it to a Hazel monitored folder and create a Rule using this script, it will attach the file to an email and send to your nominated recipient. You can then have an additional Rule to either file the PDF away or delete it if no longer required.

Hope its helps


set theAttachment to theFile
tell application "Mail"
	set theMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {visible:true, sender:"your email",subject:"subject", content:"Content\n\nSignature" & linefeed & linefeed}
	tell theMessage
		make new to recipient at end of to recipients with properties {name:"recipient", address:""}
	end tell
	tell content of theMessage
		make new attachment with properties {file name:theAttachment} at after last paragraph
	end tell
	delay 1
	send theMessage
end tell

@ijd65 Thanks for help. But I am afraid I don’t have Hazel. So I can’t test it out.