Another Calendar problem-Can't replace on iOS or iPad os

Got another Calendar problem here. Rather than continue to hijack the episode thread I thought I’d start it here.

I do not use iCloud. I do my sync to my iPad and iPhone manually by connecting to my main mac where my calendar is kept and do a sync that way.

Since the (a) update (Also the source of my mail rules and signature and calendar printing problems) I can no longer sync my devices.

I’ve tried to do a regular sync, and also tried to force a reset by selecting info and then replace calendars on my device. It never actually replaces the calendars. I’ve verified it fails with another user, under safe mode and even tried it on a totally different machine both with the calendar that was already on that machine with almost nothing on it, and with my restored from archive full calendar off my main machine.

Can anyone else who does not use iCloud and does sync manually verify that they have the same behavior?