Another Farewell to Evernote Post

I started using EN as my “external brain” in 2010 and would have put myself in his Librarian group but he kept talking. Now I’m not so sure. This looks interesting and I just clicked Subscribe. Thanks for posting.


Yes, I did too. I also downloaded EN on to my phone and logged in online to manage my day today as I used to years ago. It wasn’t the same experience but I’ll see how I go. It did help me organise myself quite well back then.

Time will tell …

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I’ve left Evernote a few times, always convincing myself that the replacement I’ve selected will stick. It never does.

I realize there are a million workflows and ways of managing information, all of which is extremely personal. For me, Evernote fits the best as my “source of truth”. I may not use it to write a lot of notes or to organize my day, but those little moments throughout the day where you want to save something in a place where you know you’ll remember it later? To me, that’s Evernote.

If I’m planning a family vacation I can quickly clip destination ideas into a Vacation notebook. If my wife just received an important piece of documentation she doesn’t want to lose (e.g. N95 fit test data), she sends me an email saying “please Evernote this”, and I simply forward her email to my Evernote account. If I’m building a project for the house (which I am now), I can quickly and easily store my receipts and ideas for the project in Evernote.

I know there are other web clippers out there for my vacations. I know I could simply archive my wife’s email in Gmail, and I’m fully aware my house project receipts could be scanned and saved in Dropbox, Apple Notes etc. I get all that. But for me – key words – for me, Evernote ingests all the crazy stuff I throw at it with the greatest of ease.

I never have sync issues, the apps work fast for me, I love that I can both tag and use notebooks, and I enjoy having the majority of my “where did I save this” information in one spot.

I tried using Obsidian as my catch-all, Apple Notes – and while they were okay, there was always a hesitation about “how do I save this in there again?” or some friction along the way.

I have been using Obsidian as the realm for my own thoughts and ideas, but Evernote is back to being my reference guide and it can handle anything I throw at it from web clips to audio notes to pdf’s to emails – all with ease.


I’m a decade+ Evernote user and I just bought DevonThink today.

I have purposes for it other than replacing EN, but if it succeeds at doing that and I don’t have to renew in October it’ll be like getting a $70 off coupon for today’s purchase.

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I’ve seenmany of the same clips in some of his other videos.

I am most definitely in the Librarian and Architech camps which is why I find it surprising that Obsidian is my app of choice. Or rather than he doesn’t consider Obsidian as an app that handles Librarian and Architech mindsets.

To me, the ease with which I can capture stuff into Obsidian even from my handwritten notes in GoodNotes and the linking makes it a simple app for collections. Pure Librarian workflow.

Yet I can implement structure and full systems in Obsidain as well with a combination of judicious use of MOC and TOC type notes, curated tag sets and folders plus the awesome dataview plugin that I am just barely scratching the surface of.

I get that on first glance Obsidian seems only designed for the Gardener types but I would argue that the underlying philosophy allows for implementations that fit any personal preferences for notetaking.

I’ve tried Evenote several times when the notebooks could be totally offline but ran screaming back to DEVONThink at that time. Never even tempted to re-look at it.


If you are a gmail user check this out. It’s one of the EN features I still miss since closing my account.

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Linking is the killer featuree going forward for me. If an app doesn’t give easy linking, I’m probably not interested.


Digging up an older thread, I am battling with this a lot at the moment. This thread has helped, thanks!

EN taught me a lot. Like others above, I was one of the first beta users and it’s been on every machine I’ve had since then. I even got an email to say thanks for being one of the first 4000 users (cleverly sent when they removed a load of features and nearly killed us all off). For most of that time I’ve had a paid account and longingly looked at shiny other products.

My main issue is the odd sync mess-up, as I regularly use 4 devices and quick edits on one can cause issues when I pick them up on another. Admittedly, EN has got a lot better at handling this but it still can take manual effort when it goes wrong. And it always goes wrong at bad times, like high pressure meeting notes. Then often taking time I don’t have to manually resolve the issues/make sure I haven’t missed anything. Especially frustrating if I was only reading a note to cross check a recent edit + make a small amendment and then that escalates into a much bigger task I don’t have time for but also can’t risk leaving.

I also like the encryption but hate the feeling of being trapped and not so easily able to export/backup.

My renewal isn’t until May so I’ve got some time to figure this out. I think I’ll investigate Drafts, as I suspect that might be a better way to create and use my hot/frequent notes. Handing them off to Evernote for backing up on all my devices. That could be a good workflow/compromise.

Thanks again for all the inputs, lots of food for thought.

100% agree with the last comment, it has to link! Evernote’s App and Web linking options, encryption, and the Clipper are what’s keeping me. That and a vague Notion of loyalty. If you’ll pardon the Notion pun :D.


All of my md documents live in a hierarchy of folders stored in Dropbox, where they are accessible by any number of apps, including Obsidian, Devonthink,, etc. I also store any image files the documents need there as well.

I use Marked 2’s export feature to share markdown documents as pdf, docx, rtf, rtfd, or html files as needed. If I need to make sure that any images are embedded in the exported document, I use either pdf or rtfd. If I want to make sure that one of my md documents absolutely for sure positive never becomes detached from its images, I save it as a pdf in the same directory.

I’m a dedicated “one file, many apps” packrat, though, so your mileage may vary.

This is my biggest issue with Evernote right now. I have pretty much given up on it for now because I will regularly be out and about, and I’ll take a note of something on my phone, only to have the app completely lose half of what I wrote down with no way to recover it. This happens even on my laptop as well, albeit less frequently there.

If they manage to fix that issue I might come back, but as it stands now I just can’t trust it. :confused:

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Eaglefiler works really well in terms of importing EN notebooks. And it’s simple to export from EF.

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Agreed, sync is a major pain point for me as well. I can cope with slow load times, but sync issues just pisses me off. Unfortunately, 9 years worth of history is hard to unwind.