Another Kindle Scribe Review

Bought a Scribe , used for few days and sold it.

Great ebook reader and hardware. But terrible software - notes taken doesn’t show in other devices, can’t annotate on actual book only PDF is ok, PDF links don’t work properly, browser is a joke - can’t even render pages properly, note taking tools are very very basic.

Really want to like Scribe for speed, beautiful screen & pen but software department totally let the device down. Not Amazon quality.

Should have googled for some in depth video reviews before buying.

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I’ve been playing with mine for about a month or so. I do enjoy reading on it and writing notes. I also journal on it. I love that it has no distracting apps, I will keep it since I find that it increases my reading habit. They will upgrade the software in 2023 to send note to microsoft word and to allow copy and paste. I do hope for handwriting recognition at some point and bluetooth sharing.

It sounds exactly like it is Amazon quality.

Kindles have never had great software. It works fine, but it’s never been great and has only gotten more bloated and cumbersome over the years. I hear the same with Fire TV. Fire tablets strip everything out which make them even worse than an a regular Android tablet. The Alexa app is horrible to use (IMO) and the Echo Show is just a flashing billboard, with only basic interactions.

Amazon has never been known for good software (arguable, of course), so I find it odd that people are buying this and hoping for improvements over time. Not releasing with OCR for handwriting seems like a major negative against this alone.

You’re right. Amazon makes great hardware but software lets it down. It’s so disappointing with such a powerful device and beautiful screen to be let down by buggy and such basic functionality. Such a disappointment that I had to get rid of it. Felt like latest MacBook Pro running MS-DOS from 1980s.

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So I got one on an impulse buy. I am a bit surprised by all the “love” here. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but it is really rough around the edges on the note taking side of thing. The writing feels great, but the note taking app is really bad. Take Good Notes 5 or Notability and then strip out every feature. You can’t move or resize text, no copy, you can’t add pages, you can’t have a page with a different template, you can’t see all your pages at once, no notebook covers, etc. Apple Notes has more features.

You can write, highlight, and erase. That is it, nothing else. Sharing is very weak. No OCR. You can do more with paper than you can with your notes in the Scribe.

For PDFs it makes a nice editor. ePubs and Kindle books you can leave a sticky or highlight. It is nice for that, and if you like Kindles, it’s a great Kindle. But do not buy one for note taking.

I am hoping Amazon is working on this, but it’s embarrassingly bad at this point. Any other company released this and it would be dead in the water. All of the competition does more.

As noted I returned the Kindle Scribe unopened.

Too many ifs, buts and maybes for my liking.

I applied the paper like to the iPad mini and I have to say (for me) … very underwhelming. Yes, there is more friction but paper-like? No.

I’ll keep playing but I wanted to use it as a note taking device at work á la my Leuchtturm1917 … but not even close. The Leuchtturm is very comfy, the iPad not at all.

There is another product, Bellemond, which is, apparently:
a. cheaper (true)
b. closer again to paper (TBA)

So I may try that, but I was so impressed with my paper like application skills I’m still marvelling at how well I applied it. Don’t want to lose that feeling! :rofl:

I would love to be able to try the SuperNote before I buy it but that isn’t possible.

And, finally, do I need this gadget in any case or should I stay with the Leuchtturm?

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