Another Kindle Scribe Review

I’ve been playing with mine for about a month or so. I do enjoy reading on it and writing notes. I also journal on it. I love that it has no distracting apps, I will keep it since I find that it increases my reading habit. They will upgrade the software in 2023 to send note to microsoft word and to allow copy and paste. I do hope for handwriting recognition at some point and bluetooth sharing.

You’re right. Amazon makes great hardware but software lets it down. It’s so disappointing with such a powerful device and beautiful screen to be let down by buggy and such basic functionality. Such a disappointment that I had to get rid of it. Felt like latest MacBook Pro running MS-DOS from 1980s.

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As noted I returned the Kindle Scribe unopened.

Too many ifs, buts and maybes for my liking.

I applied the paper like to the iPad mini and I have to say (for me) … very underwhelming. Yes, there is more friction but paper-like? No.

I’ll keep playing but I wanted to use it as a note taking device at work á la my Leuchtturm1917 … but not even close. The Leuchtturm is very comfy, the iPad not at all.

There is another product, Bellemond, which is, apparently:
a. cheaper (true)
b. closer again to paper (TBA)

So I may try that, but I was so impressed with my paper like application skills I’m still marvelling at how well I applied it. Don’t want to lose that feeling! :rofl:

I would love to be able to try the SuperNote before I buy it but that isn’t possible.

And, finally, do I need this gadget in any case or should I stay with the Leuchtturm?


Mine arrived today - initial impressions are mixed.

I knew that I should have gone for the Remarkable if I wanted pure writing (which I do generally, as I’m very happy with my Kobo Libra 2). However, having seen some of the latest updates, I thought it might be worth a shot, especially as they were doing a 20% trade in deal for my old Kindle (incidentally that cost me £50 new, and just saved me £72 off the new Kindle!)

However, I’m slightly torn - I’ve the refund page open currently, but haven’t pulled the trigger.

I’m impressed with the writing feel. At the minute, I have two Rocketbook’s and the writing feel is better than those. I’ve been using these recently at work for my meeting notes and then copying and pasting these PDF files in to Obsidian for the meeting notes. I was concerned the output PDF was a bit pixelated, but then comparing against the Rocketbook outcome, the quality is better even still.

I’m now debating if I should have gone the Remarkable route - however, I’ve seen mixed results on the OCR online and I cannot figure out if OCR works without the Connect subscription.

I have used a Remarkable for just over a year. As a paper notebook replacement, it is nearly perfect. The writing experience is unparalleled.

I am an Evernote user and I can email pages from my Remarkable straight into Evernote and Evernote will make the text searchable. This is primarily my workflow.

I have tried using the Remarkable to convert my handwriting to text and it does an Ok job similar to any other handwriting recognition app. Most of the words come through fine, and I would rate my handwriting as poor, but you will spend time cleaning up the formatting.

I know Remarkable’s connect subscription received a lot of well-earned criticism when it was first announced, but they quickly lowered the monthly cost to $2.99. With Connect, you get the additional services plus a 2-year protection plan similar to Apple Care. The protection plan alone makes it worth the subscription price.

In my opinion, here are the dividing lines between e-ink devices:

  • If you want a paper notebook replacement and the absolute best writing experience, then the Remarkable is your device.
  • If you want a reading device and are already heavily invested in Amazon Kindle and want a larger screen, then the Kindle Scribe is your device.
  • If you want a tablet (iPad) replacement but with an e-ink screen, then the Boox Note Air 2 Plus is your device. The Boox devices run a full Android OS and you have complete access to the Google Play store.

Amazon’s running a good deal on the Scribe right now. Scribe, pen and leather folio for $325 looks to be the best combo. It makes me think it’s not selling well.

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Thanks for posting about this sale! That particular combo you pointed out is an incredible deal to the point where I wonder if it’s mispriced. It’s a 64GB Scribe with premium pen and leather cover and it’s selling for just $3.00 more than the 16GB with the basic pen and a fabric cover. Anyway, I just bought the combo that you pointed out, so thanks again!

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Not available on the UK store for that price.

I’ve bought the Scribe and returned it twice since it came out. I love the hardware so much but it’s just not there yet for me. I would love if the handwritten notes in books would be OCRed so that they would be exported by Readwise. I think that would be the key that would get me into using these new knowledge management tools.