Another Screencast Question - for post-secondary classroom use

Ok MPU Fam,
I’m looking for a simple way to merge an existing slide deck and MP3 audio I’ve created for each slide that will allow me to easily merge them into a video.
I’ve used ScreenFlow in the past, but it takes way longer to do what I want (unless I want the slide to be in the middle of black border). Ideally, something easy that I can just input my slide deck into, then match the slides with audio recordings I’ve made (one audio file per slide), and press process to turn it into an MP4 that I can then upload to a media server for my students.
Is there something this easy that any of yall know of? Or a workflow with ScreenFlow that would make it easier/faster?
Thoughts or ideas?

This feature is built into PowerPoint and Keynote. Though, Keynote technically exports an M4V file. It will still upload to Kaltura if your institution uses that.

So I can match an individual mp3 file to each slide in either Keynote or PP? Crap time to learn how!

Ok, I’ve easily figured out how to create screencasts in Keynote, where I record video in the app, but not how to add my own audio files as narration per slide. Any key words I should be looking for when I search for that?

To be clear, I want to record the voiceover separately in a separate file. I know how to do it in Screenflow… it just takes way longer than (I think) it should. And I have to adjust the area captured for each slide so it doesn’t use about half the screen for the letterbox area.

When you’re working in Screenflow, what’s the specific slowdown / hangup?

If you have multiple images / audio files, you should be able to bring all of it into your library, highlight all of them, then drag them as a group onto the timeline. It’ll drop the audio files in consecutively, then you can just adjust the image durations.

As for black borders, if you know the image dimensions, you could start the project with those and you wouldn’t have to drag and resize a bunch of stuff - you’d just have to drag the image and audio onto your timeline.

Also, Screenflow also has a “publish” function to get exported files to a number of places - so using Screenflow may or may not help you speed up that process.

Does any of that help?

Let me finish a few things and i’ll try to demonstrate. Too bad I can’t record myself working in ScreenFlow with ScreenFlow… lol.

In my fantasy, there is a program that will take my slide, for example, allow me to match it with an audio file (I include a few seconds of quiet at the start and finish of each slide to buffer) and then process it into a video. I found a youtube tutorial that seems to allow that for PP, but don’t seem to have the features on my edition that are present in the video.

Screenflow is wonderfully self-referential. You can indeed record yourself working in SF with SF. Obviously the file you are demonstrating needs to be different from the one you are recording … Just tested again, in case my memory was faulty, and it all works fine.

In the top toolbar, click on Media and then click on Choose (ScreenShot).

Ok All…

I think my last workflow was a pain and I’ve figured out one that works. Some of your questions prompted me to think through things a lot.

My new workflow is to do a fast record of the slide deck… playing it (I use 2 screens, so it takes up the left screen and records the entire screen), leaving each slide up for about 10 seconds. After I go through each slide and stop the recording, I go into the actual recording and split the segments by finding the change point in the slide and pressing T.

Next step is to import my audio for each slide. I lengthen the video clip to match the length of the audio and boom. There’s my slide show.

This is for simple/basic lectures with no in-slide activity. But it so so much easier and faster than resizing, etc. etc. etc. I made my last workflow waaaay too hard.

Thanks for pushing me!