Anti-virus software for phone?

My stepmother recently got a prompt to renew her Norton anti-virus software for her phone—-$140!!! (she is in her upper 80’s). It does appear to be a real product but I do not know anyone who has it installed. She recently had a snafu with her email but that’s resolved and I don’t think it was related. I told her I would post here to be sure :slight_smile:

I presume that is an iphone? then I do not suggest to use an AV on iphone , but for Andriod. I think social engineering issue (like phishing, scam, et) is more to be aware of then viruses


That Norton phishing scam is so common, and seems to strike seniors frequently, that the real Norton has some advice for victims of the scam


Assuming the phone is running an up-to-date version of iOS, you don’t need anti-virus. The same is true for up-to-date Android, MacOS and Windows, all of which have built-in protection.

As @fuzzygel says, social engineering is far, far more likely to be an issue.