Any ACN's out here?

I am member of the Apple Consultant Network and wandering if its worth while to renew this membership.

I was like 10 years ago. How’s the network these days? It used to lead to some serious work from Apple, at least in my shop.

So far it hasn’t worked for me.
I tried to connect to the local Apple business team but they are lacks. Just take my card and say oh great. It’s our practice to direct people to the ACN page.
I had hoped for access to additional resources but there is non. Neither is there a community to interact with. They took away the occasional discount on hardware. And in return they are pushing other vendors to promote their business to us.

Not sure if its worth spending the $800 in membership and the expense of keeping up their certifications. I think I might be better off spending my time and money in CompTia or CCNA certs…