Any decent Reddit app on Mac?

I do not use Reddit much and it is not my preferred source of information. I hate using the browser to read Reddit, it is confusing and distracting. However, for some discussions, it only occurs in Reddit. Is there any decent app that I can read that on my Mac?

Try Apollo


you mean running the iPad version on Mac?

yup. works ok for me

Need an M1 Mac, though. Correct?

No need for an app on Mac. Download the Reddit Enhancement Suite. It is free.

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Yup. Apollo is one of the Apple Silicon apps. :slight_smile:


Looks cool - too bad it’s being sunsetted.

Also Stellar . Not as polished as Apollo, but I believe it works on a non-M1. I like Apollo on iOS but I find it clumsy on a Mac.

RES support for Safari died off a few years ago.

OP didn’t specify Safari. I use it on Brave on my Mac and it works great.