Any easy way to "aggressively" keep a network drive mounted?

I have an M1 Air that I use for my main computer, and a 2018 Mini that I use for a server. The Air is wi-fi to my home mesh. The Mini is Ethernet to it. The 2018 Mini has a QNAP DAS mounted, and I’d like to always have that drive available.

In Finder, under “Locations”, I can always see the Mini if I’m connected to my wi-fi. But when I double-click it, it seemingly-randomly says “connection failed”.

Sometimes I know this is because I did something that would’ve caused that (took my Air to a coffee shop or some such), but sometimes it seems to happen when it’s just been sitting on my desk for awhile. Either way, when I “connect as”, the username/password is auto-filled - so reconnecting is never strictly a problem…just a manual step. And that manual step occasionally screws up some other stuff.

Is there an easy way to have some sort of background process periodically figure out whether I’m on my home wi-fi, and if so attempt to mount the drive?

Sounds like a job for AutoMounter.

Seems to have worked for @evanfuchs


Another vote for AutoMounter. I use it to keep a folder on my Synology mounted.

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It has been rock solid reliable for me.

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Automounter user here as well. Does well on my wife’s Air that is sometimes Wifi, sometimes wired.

Another vote for AutoMounter, which I recently purchased and am happy with it.

One thing I have not yet figured out, though, although I haven’t yet really looked into this: I have AutoMounter set to mount my Synology shares when I am on my home WiFi network, which is easy enough.

However, when I plug my MBPro into my CalDigit TB4 hub, I would like to turn off Wifi and use just Ethernet connection. That part is easy enough to script in Keyboard Maestro. What I need to figure out is how to have AutoMounter detect that I am on my home Ethernet and also keep the shares mounted. In KM, I would do that with a macro that would execute periodically and I can script detection of the connection to either my home Wifi network OR home Ethernet. I just need to play with AutoMounter to see how I can do this…I imagine there is a way, I just haven’t played with it yet.

Is it the sort of thing where you have to keep shelling out for upgrades every year? Or it it largely a one-time purchase?

I don’t know because I just bought it a few months ago. I was at my wits end trying to find a solution when @JohnAtl recommended AutoMounter, so I was happy to throw $13 at it and move on.

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Anybody here have challenges with AutoMounter working?

I have the computer on my network listed as “available” in AutoMounter’s menu, but it periodically disconnects for some reason - and just won’t reconnect without manual intervention. So the share doesn’t mount until I manually jump through the hoops to reconnect.

This feels like something AutoMounter should be able to handle.

I jumped through the “delete all the items in your Keychain related to the server and manually reconnect, saving the credentials” route. No luck.

I have an email in to their support, but I haven’t heard back.

Any ideas?