Any Homekit users in UK?


Any Homekit users in UK? If so. what recommendations do you have?

I’m using Homepod as a Hub and have a few Lifx lightbulbs (which work fine) but am struggling to find any UK-compatible power strips and plug sockets that are affordable and have decent reviews.

Anyone know of any good sources for trusted UK-based reviews for this kind of kit at all?

Thanks in advance

My parents have some of the Eve plugs, they’re solid - not very cheap, but they work consistently. Philips also make a hue version which I’m looking at for myself, I’ve had great experiences with my Hue lights so I would expect the same from them.


I’ve been keeping an eye out, but there’s not much about, especially that are reasonably priced.

Rather than smart lightbulbs, I’d like smart light switches, but they don’t seem to be available (again at a reasonable price.)

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I am also looking for those… it’s really time to get a standard for alle the “smart” stuff. There are smart switches out there, but not for HomeKit. I can make them work using HomeBridge, but I don’t want to build some kind of Rube Goldberg contraption just to make switching work.

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I might get away with a smart light-switch in my home office but it will be a definite no-no in the rest of the house. My life would not be worth living !

The LIFX bulbs seem decent enough so far but they do increase the number of direct connections to my wifi network - which isn’t an issue just yet, but may become so as my quest to infiltrate the household with Smart devices expands.

Ideally, I’d like a usable and realistically priced UK-compatible power strip (sockets and USB-A/C) plus some decent but unobtrusive motion sensors.

Look into Homebridge - runs on a Mac and supports connecting non-Homekit devices to HomeKit. I have a range of Belkin devices and a Nest thermostat connected.

It takes a few minutes’ work with Terminal to set up, and you might not be inclined to fiddle that way, but it does widen tthe he range of options.

Thanks @ThatGuy

I have no problems with Terminal (used to be a Unix sysadmin a few years back!) but would like to control everything through Homehub / scenes.

Is the Mac just required to set up / configure or is it required for day to day management too?

Thanks again

The Apple store has them. They’re not cheap, but they exist! And they’re non-nerd friendly too.

Yes, I was considering the Lightwave ones…I meant “There are affordable ones out there…” :wink:

Has anyone tried the Lightwaves? I want smart switches for my kitchen…

Why’s that? To the normal person they work like a switch.

The Mac needs to be running for the Homebridge service to be active, but you do the control through the Homekit apps (Home, HomePod and so on). The service just sits in the background to maintain the linkage.

But it’s not as clean as “native” Homekit devices, that’s true

They need to look the same as all the other light switches throughout the house … that’s the instruction I get from the real boss of the house and I don’t challenge her any more than that !

Think I’ll wait and see how the vendors releases go and things develop on the back of the recent announcement of a new cross-platform standard.

I’m struggling to justify cost / use cases for most … other than satisfying my curiosity. That said, I have just ordered a couple of the Netatmo Smart Smoke Detectors … I can justify them based on consequences of not having them.

Thanks for all the feedback.

I’d be amazed if we see an agreed standard before the end of 2021, and then another 12 months to create hardware.

I have the usual Hue bulbs (all work great) coupled with some Hue dimmers/switches.
The Eve Energy plugs are expensive but generally work well - although they Bluetooth which means no hub is needed but range can be an issue.
I use Tado home heating controls (with smart thermostats on most radiators) - this is excellent and integrates well with HomeKit & Siri.
Finally we have Arlo cameras over the garden, cat flap and front door, plus the Arlo Baby monitor, all of which work fairly well in HomeKit.

Thanks @gnb

I’m on the original Arlo camera setup (not Homekit enabled) and was thinking of upgrading to Pro 3 or Ultra but heard they don’t do Homekit Secure Video storage (or at least they didn’t at launch). Is it mainly triggers and scenes that you bring them into Home for?

I’m on the Pro 2s (I think!) so not the 4k/Ultra cameras. I don’t use their subscription-based storage and really the main HomeKit integrations are:

  • easy access to the Arlo Baby feed in the Home app’s first screen
  • triggering of heating etc from Arlo Baby’s sensors

Otherwise I use Arlo’s standalone monitoring, triggers etc within the Arlo app.

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