Any IOS Message workflows for identifying and archiving individual messages

I was wondering if anyone has any work flows for dealing with IOS messages. Document retention is a major issue in my field. Contractors & staff are sending are sending critical information (costing, field status, summary data) reports via messaging instead of sending by email.

While individual emails are easy to tag, folder, and find, finding information that someone sent in the text of an I-message or sms is almost impossible to find. I am sure that this is an issue for anyone working in any field where documentation is required. This gets to be more complicated when a project spans many years.

While I can sent an individual message from the desktop to appropriate software like DT3 to a new note or to append a note, I am not sure how to handle this on the IOS devices.

Appreciate suggestions.

Are you in a position where you can get them to stop sending these documents by Message? That’s my gut reaction. Because this workflow sounds broken and unfixable.

Might take a while to make the transition, and will require patience on your part. Get buy-in from management – both yours’ and the senders. Make your case to them on why this business process needs changing. Explain it to them.

Then make the case at a meeting or in an email as to WHY it’s important and helps the business to do things the new way. Explain it to your colleagues. And then every time you receive a message of that type, ask the sender politely and patiently to please resend by email.

Alternately, a solution like Slack might work.

I’ll be watching this topic eagerly for solutions. Because I have a related problem with messages. Every once in a while I get an iMessage from a friend or family member that requires action later, and I think to myself, “What the heck am I going to do with this?” Because unlike email, I can’t simply forward to Things and be reminded of it automatically later.