Any Keep It users?

Read about on on macatories. Trialing it as an EN replacement.

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Actually just started the same experiment, so far I have just exported a couple of Evernote notebooks to .enex and then importen to KI. Everything senms to work great at import. Will dig in further next week when I have really described my basic use cases more in detail.

If you have not already found it I recommend Allison S. screencast which you can get through ScreenCastsOnline.


thanks. saw that, but haven’t had time to watch.

some features of Evernote are just not done by other applications so I’d have to adjust my workflow. I’m still unsure of EN’s future though. Thet being said, they are just as likely if not more to stick around than indie web developers building everything buckets. This is my thought for Devonthink continuing to support their iOS app. There is no guarantee they will continue to do it. It may not be profitable for them.

Some stuff I really like from evernote:

  1. easily add emails (with attachments!)
  2. auto OCR to make search a breeze.
  3. search inside PDF’s AND office documents (which i don’t create but are unavoidable)

These three things seem to be lacking in other apps. Even Devonthink when it comes to iOS.

Have been using it for two weeks now. Trying to find an alternative to TheBrain and EN. Keep It looks promising…so far…

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I heard about it on The AppStories podcast a couple of weeks ago. Frederico seemed to really like it. I was about ready to jump into Devonthink, and decided to try Keep It instead. So far it’s been good, though I don’t feel like I’m using it to its potential yet. I need to take a look at that screencast that kanderic mentioned above, read some documentation.

The ScreenCastOnline tutorial is well worth watching. She does a great job with it…

I had downloaded the previous Together but never used it now rebrand Keep It and I really like it. I really like ability to quickly share between Mac and IOS devices