Any Mac Power Hand Washers? (20-second hand wash)

Doesn’t seem to be much (if any talk) about the hand washing timer in the new watchOS 7. I just wonder if it is somehow adaptive, will it learn? While the feature is actually nice for handwashing I’ve found it to go off when I do such mundane, non-handwashing things like folding laundry and dumping pots of spaghetti water.

Are there any other Power Hand Washers out there? How’s it doing for you?

It’s cute, but not really very useful. More in the “because we can” app category.

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I found it so hit and miss, I turned it off so it would stop annoying me.

It works very well for me and I’ve grown into it. At first I was like “shut up, machine, I’m a grown man” and now I kind of obey it.

I think I am ripe for the robot revolution. Farewell, my friends.


I wish they’d make a complication from it. Have an apple watch 3, and it’s not on there

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It’s sort of a hidden feature that you enable on your iPhone and then it “just works™” sorta. It pops up if it thinks you are washing your hands and you can’t make it pop up if it doesn’t think you are washing your hands.

I’ve found it does trigger a lot for things that are not hand washing - washing dishes, hand laundry (alright, both of those involve soap and water, but I wear gloves!), but I’ve found that polishing furniture and coiling cables frequently trigger it too. I did enable the “when I get home” hand washing reminder and find it useful!

I have had very few false positives so far, and it almost always triggers when I am actually washing my hands.

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I only get it when washing hands or dishes, and I use the reminder when I get home to. Nice little addition that gently nudges me towards better hygiene, I think.

I just try to keep this in mind.


I’ve found it works well, but I don’t hand wash anything so I’ve not had any false positives. It’s helping me remember to wash for long enough and as someone who is exposed to COVID a lot (many of my students, who I’m not teaching face to face again, have tested positive), it can only be a good thing.

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I know, but the series 3 does not have it. Ambient noise detection does not work on the series 3, so they could not enable hand washing. That’s why a complication would be great


I get it now (reason for complication). :slightly_smiling_face:

I find it triggers fine but often it stalls on me. It will say “12 seconds” for something like 12 seconds. I like the reminder to keep scrubbing, but the functionality feels like it needs work.

It seems to stall out if you don’t continue “Power” washing. A limp scrub (?) with little motion in the watch wearing hand will stop the progress.

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I found the feature useless and turned it off.

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I’ve been using it. It has reminded me a couple of times when I forgot to wash my hands when I got home. So it’s been useful. I also like letting it count the 20 seconds instead of having to count myself. A very minor convenience, but a convenience nonetheless.

@tomalmy So what you’re telling me is I’m not doing right, according to Apple?



You’re not holding it right :thinking::wink:

I’ve found it to work very well. It’s sad to think how short my handwashing was prior to WatchOS 7.