Any NotePlan users out there?

The Pandoc command line tool can convert markdown to PDF like so:
pandoc -o 03.pdf

The results are very good compared to everything else (free) I’ve tried.

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Hi all, I’m currently evaluating switching to Noteplan and ditching OmniFocus since I’m already a Setapp user and like to cut down on monthly subscriptions. I run into a problem though: I can’t seem to use the plugins via command bar - I install them, they are enabled (checkmark next to the title) and then I try “/command” and it shows: nothing. Has anyone experienced this and knows a solution?

Just got a reply from the Noteplan Support: turns out the issue I described is due to plugins currently not working below Big Sur. That said, the support mentioned they are working on the plugins so they can function on “older” OS - no timeline included, though. Leaving this note for fellow travellers. :slight_smile: