Any of our tech experts have an opinion about a possible slower cellular modem coming in the next model?

“Mashable – Bad news for iPhone users: Apple dumps Qualcomm" (story link below)

I was holding out to upgrade my iPhone until the next release. I’m on Verizon in the U.S. Do I grab an iPhone X?

At least in the US I doubt any cell carrier provides even close the real world max speeds. This is really only a problem for those who care to brag about specs.


Same here for me in Germany, nearly all people will see no difference. My “LTE max” at T… gives me in ideal conditions 300Mbit/s down and 50Mbit/s up. So if the Intel-modem only supports 700 - it’s double what i get now. Maybe in the main cities with 5G-networks we come close to 700-1000.