Any other cloud clients making use of macOS' File Provider API and M1 native?


I would like to ditch the Microsoft OneDrive client once and for all, it’s actually the only app non-native on my M1 MacBook now, and it’s clearly not the easiest on the battery…

I know that Expandrive started this “Strongsync” new app based on Apple’s File Provider API, but do you guys know any other M1 native alternative?


It’s not a sync solution but Panic’s Transmit app can connect to 11 cloud services including OneDrive, Dropbox, Google, Backblaze B2, etc. It’s an easy way to drag & drop / move files between your Mac and multiple cloud providers.

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You can sync, there’s a video on making it automatic here Automating Syncs with Automator in Transmit 5 - YouTube

I’m trying it out.


Great. I’ve been using Transmit since version 3 and have purchased several copies for users over the years. But I’ve never heard/thought of using Automator. Thanks for teaching this old dog a new trick.

That’s pretty smart to use Automator for that, indeed! Tell us how it goes please, I might try it too it it’s not too clunky :slight_smile: