Any other woodworkers here?

Any woodworkers here? What are some of the apps you use in your woodworking?

The primary app I use is Fusion360. I use it design all my furniture and projects. It’s a great app. Also, I use the “mapboards” plug-in to create cut diagrams.

@MacSparky would love to see a picture of your shop

I use Sketchup. I have to re-train my muscle memory every time, though.

Sketchup doesn’t do curves very well (or maybe I don’t do curves very well in Sketchup) so it might not be a great choice for furniture design.

Yikes! Trimble just announced new pricing for SketchUp: a one time license for $695 with no support and no updates, or $299 per year. Guess I won’t be using that any more!