Any Recommendations for Text Reformatting Tool/Utility for MacOS (Big Sur)

I’m so sorry: my fault! My “Copy text as lower case” was a very simple workflow I’d made. Sorry for misleading you.

It’s actually incredibly easy to do something like that. Start a new workflow with Trigger > Universal Action. Name it (when you double click it) and check it to show for “Text”. Then connect it to Utilities > Transform - which will give you a box that if you double click will allow you to choose from Trim Whitespace, Upper Case, Lower Case, Capital Case, Reverse String, Strip Diacritics and Strip Non-Alphanumeric.

Once you’ve done that, and chosen the transformation you want, just add Outputs > Copy to Clipboard and connect the Transform box to that output.

You should end up with a worklfow that looks like this:


It all takes longer to explain than it does to do so don’t be put off by the lengthy explanation!



This is pretty useful as has been mentioned

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